Nokia and Lotus to Deliver Wireless Solutions for the Nokia 9210 Communicator

Lotus Mobile Notes Software to Give Nokia 9210 Communicator Users Wireless Access to Lotus Business Applications

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Helsinki, FINLAND - 22 Mar 2001: Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, and IBM's Lotus Development Corp. announced today that they plan to deliver business-critical Lotus messaging and collaboration solutions to the users of the new Nokia 9210 Communicator. Lotus Mobile Notes availability on Nokia 9210 Communicators would allow mobile users to access their information management systems, including mail, calendars and address books, from their mobile devices. This plan will allow both companies to expand their portfolio of wireless offerings and reach new customers in the growing mobile market.

Operating on the Symbian platform, the Nokia 9210 Communicator's full keyboard, color display and easy navigation allow for a richer and highly productive working environment. High data transmission speeds of up to 43.2 kbps further enhance the convenience of using the Nokia 9210 Communicator for business. Compatibility between Lotus Notes technology and the Nokia 9210 Communicator will open up exciting opportunities for utilizing existing information management systems across open, industry-supported interfaces, such as WAP, IMAP and SyncML.

For example, with Lotus Mobile Notes and the Symbian-powered Nokia 9210 Communicator, users would be able to complete forms, participate in workflows, access sales force automation tools, or run interactive applications locally on their mobile device. This mobile version would duplicate the same application that they access through a PC browser or use locally on their office PCs.

"The collaboration with Lotus affords us an excellent opportunity to broaden our understanding of the corporate information management systems market for the Nokia 9210 Communicator. Lotus and Nokia share a vision of open standards and interfaces creating the most profitable business environment, and we look forward to extending our relationship into other areas as well," said Jouko Häyrynen, Vice President of Market and Business Development, Nokia Mobile Phones.

Commented Uffe Sorensen, Chief Technology Officer, Lotus Europe: "The Nokia 9210 Communicator clearly represents a breakthrough in the convergence of the mobile phone and the computer. The new breed of Web-enabled, handheld devices will enable the mobile user to conduct business in ways that has never been possible before. Nokia and Lotus are jointly focused on enabling the 78 million Lotus Notes customers in the world to take advantages of these new capabilities."

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