IBM Scales to New Heights With Intel-based eServer Systems

xSeries Delivers Scalability From One to 64 Processors and Sets Record Performance

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Armonk, N.Y. - 23 Mar 2001: IBM today solidified its position as a leader in high-end servers by introducing four new IBM eServer* systems based on the latest Intel® technology, completing the world's only single Intel server line offering customers scalability from one to 64 processors.

Additionally, eServer xSeries is delivering the most powerful industry standard server system capable of processing a record 688,220 transactions per minute, offering more than 36 percent more performance than the previous number one.(1)

IBM also announced unrivaled support for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Datacenter Server designed to help customers test, install, deploy and maintain highly available applications on an industry standard server framework. This move is another important step in IBM's strategy of disseminating the company's best technology throughout the IBM eServer line, including new services. Customers will now have access to mainframe-inspired, high availability service levels on Intel-based servers running Microsoft's operating environment.

"With these new offerings, IBM is the only company in the industry to deliver one to 64 processors in its Intel server family," said Bill Colton, general manager, IBM eServer xSeries. "Customers looking to deploy industry standard data center solutions can now select from the industry's most scalable, powerful line of servers to help build, run and manage their e-business infrastructure affordably and effectively."

"A key part of IBM's eServer strategy has been to develop a full spectrum of Intel-based servers designed to offer customers maximum value and flexibility for their computing environments," said Tom Manter, Vice President at Aberdeen Group. These new product offerings serve to reinforce that continuing commitment and make IBM's eServer xSeries a compelling proposition for IT executives to consider."

Support for Multiple Operating Systems - Enterprise Class
The new eServer x430, a 64-way server with the new Intel 900 MHz (2) Pentium III® XeonTM processor, offers industry leading Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) architecture and I/O technologies. The x430 is optimized for the scalability, availability and manageability requirements of large and rapidly growing e-infrastructures and offers customers the ability to simultaneously run different applications across multiple operating systems.

The x430 supports a broad application portfolio, including Linux via the Linux Application Environment TM (LAE) and ptx®. The x430 will also support the latest edition of Windows Datacenter Server when it becomes available.

Scalable Servers To Grow With Companies' Needs
Other servers announced today include the x250 and x350 (four processors) and the x370 (eight processors). All feature Intel's 900 MHz Pentium III Xeon processors along with X-architecture mainframe inspired technologies such as Light Path Diagnostics TM, IBM Director system management software and Chipkill TM memory.

Through the eServer Capacity Advantage, customers can scale up or out on their systems -- increasing their computing capability by adding additional processors or additional systems - creating a true "pay as you grow" option. Companies now have low-cost, industry-standard building blocks necessary to build their e-infrastructure.

IBM also announced a series of storage options designed for the enterprise, including internal LTO tape drives with the fastest throughput in the industry and internal SDLT tape drives offering the highest storage capacity per tape cartridge in the industry.

Demonstrating Scalability with Record Setting Performance
IBM, Intel and Microsoft joined forces on a major industry leading performance measure demonstrating that a cluster of eServer xSeries with Pentium III Xeon processors running Microsoft Datacenter can deliver the scalability demanded by today's businesses applications.

An eServer system, code named SuperNova, processed a record 688,220 transactions per minute using a cluster of 32 of the new x370 servers each loaded with eight 900 MHz Pentium III processors running Windows 2000 Datacenter Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition. This record setting performance was based on the independent TPC-C benchmark and shattered the previous top performer Compaq by 36% at a cost of $28.89 per transaction.(1) Most Powerful line of high-end Intel Servers

Transaction Processing
SuperNova: World's most powerful Transaction Processing Cluster with 688,220.9 tpmC at cost of $28.89/tpmCOutperforms former #1 Compaq(1) by 36%
Business Intelligence
TPC-H (100GB level)
x250 is a powerful 4-way server processing 1147.9 Queries/hour @100GB at a cost of $169/QphH@100GBBeats all competitor 4-processor results
Business Intelligence
TPC-H (100GB level)
x350 is most powerful 4-way server processing 1169 Queries/hour@100GB at a cost of $166/QphH@100GB46% more power than NEC (1) previous 4-way best.

Support Services for Datacenter
IBM will offer a rich set of services through IBM Global Services to help support customers' Datacenter implementations, including system monitoring, on-site and remote technical support, proof-of-concept andsystems testing, business recoveryand High Availability Services, including availability guarantees. IBM also offers planning, deployment, migration and integration expertise to Windows 2000 Datacenter Server customers through the Enterprise Services for Microsoft Technologies (ESMT) practice.

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*The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the descriptive term "server" following it.

**IBM, Chipkill memory, the e-business logo, Light Path Diagnostics and xSeries are trademarks of IBM Corporation.

Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

Intel, Pentium and Pentium III Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation

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(1) Data is current as of March 23, 2001. Previously published TPM-C result. Data on competitive products obtained from publicly available information and is subject to change without notice. Contact the manufacturer for the most recent information. TPC-C Results referenced: IBM eServer xSeries 370: 688,220.90 tpmC, $28.89/tpmC, available: 05/31/01; IBM eServer xSeries 250: 1147.9QphH@100GB, $169/QphH@100GB, available 4/13/01;IBM eServer xSeries 350: 1169.7 QphH@100GB, $166/QphH@100GB, available 5/31/01; Compaq Proliant 8500-700-192P: 505,302.77 tpmC, $19.80/tpmC, available 11/30/00; NEC Express 5800/180Ra-7: 800.4 QphH, $267/QphH@100GB, available 8/01/00. Data is current as of 3/23/01. TPC-C, tpmC, $/tpmC, TPC-H, QphH, $/QphH are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

(2) MHz/GHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed; many factors affect application performance.