Survey Says IBM eServer Becoming Top Choice for Midmarket Solution Providers

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ARMONK, N.Y. - 30 Mar 2001: A report by ARC Advisory Group stated that IBM eServer iSeries is fast becoming the number one investment choice for independent software vendors (ISVs) developing supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for the mid-market.

The Boston-based strategic planning and technology assessment firm surveyed 21 top software developers worldwide to assess current and future ISV support for IBM iSeries. The results indicated that since 1997, ISVs have increased their investment in iSeries by 97 percent. It also showed ISVs currently spending nearly $1.5 billion on software development for the industry's premier integrated server for the midmarket.

The ARC survey was released on the heels of a worldwide customer satisfaction study of IBM customers and business partners who gave iSeries the highest ever satisfaction rating in the industry.

``The ARC survey results show solid growth in a short period of time. In terms of R&D spend, consultant and help-desk support, user base and revenue growth, the iSeries ERP and SCM ecosystem is thriving,'' said Simon Bragg, senior analyst, ARC Advisory Group. ``IBM provides great support for application developers, not only with the iSeries itself, but also with development and infrastructure tools, implementation consultants and customer finance packages for customers.''

The IBM eServer iSeries server is arguably the most popular integrated commercial business server in history with more than 250,000 customers worldwide in 150 countries. Since its inception, approximately 750,000 systems have been installed somewhere around the world. The server is favored by customers and business partners looking for simplicity and stability in the fast-moving, complex world of e-business. It allows customers to consolidate large NT server farms and manage multiple servers in a heterogeneous NT and eventually Linux environment.

According to the ARC report the iSeries is a great investment choice because of its ``outstanding return on investment.'' The report stated that since 1997, ERP and SCM application providers have earned an estimated $2.6 billion in total revenue from their iSeries investments, which is a 21 percent increase in four years. It also said that the combined software and services revenue for the top 15 iSeries ERP suppliers last year grew 18 percent to nearly $2.5 billion.

Leading ISVs that recently announced plans involving iSeries servers include:

In addition, Curbell Inc., the fourth largest distributor of industrial plastics in the U.S., has announced plans to use IBM iSeries Connect, an integrated software product designed to help small to mid-sized customers link their businesses rapidly and affordably to expanding global e-marketplaces. iSeries Connect enables small businesses to take existing software applications at the core of their operation and link them with suppliers and potential customers anywhere in the world.

IBM iSeries is the high-performance, integrated business server for mid-market companies. Combining traditional strengths of reliability, scalability, security and service with the industry's hottest technologies, iSeries is a highly versatile business server capable of managing and connecting a company's core business to e-business.

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