IBM Introduces Most Comprehensive Software Solution For Managing iSeries Output

Infoprint For iSeries Provides a Significant Leap For the Advancement of e-output

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BOULDER, Colo. - 30 Apr 2001: IBM* today announced for iSeries* V5R1 customers the most significant Infoprint* software solution for managing the output of e-business from creation to distribution. Focusing on complete e-output solutions and enterprise-wide print management, the new offerings include Infoprint* Server for iSeries, Infoprint Designer for iSeries, and significant new function in OS/400* and Print Services Facility/400* (PSF/400*).

Where traditional business processes typically rely on printed information, such as invoices, packing lists, policies, statements, and reports, e-business processes quite frequently require information to flow electronically. Specifically designed for the e-business driven output requirements of iSeries users, the new Infoprint offerings will allow iSeries users to create fully electronic pages of information and deliver them to the desired destination in a variety of formats, including hard copy, PDF or e-mail.

"A core strength of Infoprint for iSeries is the total integration with iSeries -- from development and testing of the products to their seamless operation with iSeries functions and applications," said Bill Shaffer, iSeries product manager, IBM Printing Systems. "Given the tight integration, the strong print architecture and the new document creation, management and delivery capabilities, IBM is offering the industry's most comprehensive iSeries output management solution."

Infoprint Designer
Infoprint Designer for iSeries is an all-new, fully graphical tool for designing or redesigning iSeries output. The design interface runs on Windows** with tight iSeries integration. The software is intended to meet the requirements of today's complex documents and reports, producing fully electronic documents that combine data, text, fonts, electronic forms, graphics, images, and bar coding. Infoprint Designer does the complete job, designing the image and overlay content, then automatically pulling in the application data and putting all the elements together in the final page layout. Once the design is complete, it will fit seamlessly into the iSeries print and presentation architecture.

Infoprint Server
Infoprint Server extends the capabilities of iSeries beyond printing, to management and distribution of electronic and printed output. The software enables iSeries users to transform any standard iSeries or AS/400* output format to produce e-output -- Web-ready Advanced Function Presentation* (AFP*) or PDF. Once transformed, these documents can be e-mailed, viewed or printed. Another benefit of Infoprint Server is its iSeries management of network output. Infoprint Server provides transforms for PCL, PostScript**, and PDF into AFP so output generated in those formats can be brought into the iSeries and effectively managed to the printer.

Other iSeries Printing Benefits
Additional print and e-output functionality in V5R1 is delivered through new versions of PSF/400 and OS/400.

The heart of the iSeries print and presentation architecture, PSF/400 manages the delivery of iSeries output to Intelligent Printer Data Stream* (IPDS*) printers and helps ensure that each page and job is printed completely, with full error recovery and page range support. For V5R1, PSF/400 includes new support for automated e-mail of iSeries output, enhanced management of TCP/IP-connected printers, expanded printer support ranges, and a new iSeries architecture for formatting documents and reports.

With OS/400 V5R1, the iSeries becomes an IPP (Internet Print Protocol) server. With this capability, users can print remotely, through the Internet, to any printer attached to the iSeries server. OS/400 now also supports two new print architectures for Java printing -- one that is XML-based for simple reports and one that is AFP-based for complex documents. Finally, OS/400 now extends the application-independent formatting used by Infoprint Designer to include the functions of document viewing and ASCII print.

Availability and Pricing
Infoprint Designer for iSeries, Infoprint Server for iSeries, PSF/400 V5R1 and OS/400 V5R1 is expected to be generally available worldwide beginning
May 25, 2001.

U.S. list pricing is as follows[1]: