IBM Delivers New Prepackaged WebSphere Infrastructure Software

Helps Businesses Manage Complex Integration/Transactions; Improve Customer Experience Provides Wireless/Voice Capabilities

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 30 May 2001: IBM today announced new WebSphere infrastructure software that enables businesses to manage transactions and complex integration projects faster and more efficiently.

The prepackaged software also helps businesses improve customer experience on the Web and enable wireless and voice interaction.

The software packages include: WebSphere Business Integrator Version 2.1, WebSphere User Experience Version 1.1 and WebSphere Everyplace Access Version 1.1. Each are integrated packages of software -- based on open standards such as XMI, XML, Java and UDDI -- to help companies customize their e-infrastructure.

The new software enables companies to expand the scope of their e-business by integrating new trading relationships into their business processes faster and more efficiently, and offering their customers a personalized Web experience using nearly any device, anytime, anywhere.

WebSphere Business Integrator
WebSphere Business Integrator Version 2.1 enables communication between diverse computing systems -- crossing enterprise boundaries to help companies integrate new Web services-based applications into their existing flow of business processes, even if applications supporting those processes reside outside of the organization.

This latest version of IBM's infrastructure software helps customers create, execute and manage processes, such as supply chain management, that span diverse applications, enterprises, and people, in a single offering. By providing visibility and control of business processes, WebSphere Business Integrator enables businesses to blueprint work and process flow; make modifications to that flow using the WebSphere Business Integrator development environment; and execute changes quickly and easily.

WebSphere Business Integrator consists of several products including MQSeries, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Partner Agreement Management and Tivoli Secureway Policy Director, and provides customers with:

WebSphere User Experience
A visitor's experience on a Web site can determine whether a business will survive on the Web; users won't return if they have a poor experience or if another site is better. Further, analysts have said that some 70 percent of online buyers would spend less money at a traditional retailer after having a bad experience with the retailer's online site (Jupiter Matrix Media). Therefore, standards for a first-class Web site are constantly rising and WebSphere User Experience addresses that need.

WebSphere User Experience enables businesses to quickly build dynamic Web sites that attract, engage and retain customers with high-quality content and applications. The software provides a more personalized experience for customers -- employing personalization, site analysis and portal software.
New Web content management tools found in WebSphere User Experience lower costs for developing and maintaining high-quality content and improve customer and employee productivity and satisfaction, as it delivers rich Web content to wherever it is most effective -- a personalized portal page, email inbox, mobile device or directly to a user's desktop.

Included in WebSphere User Experience is WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Site Analyzer, Interwoven TeamXpress for WebSphere, IBM Content Manager, and WebSphere Application Server. Businesses will have access to:

WebSphere Everyplace Access
The explosion in new devices and advances in speech technology are pushing e-business to new frontiers. IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Access will enable businesses to deliver Web content to new devices, anytime, anywhere to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

WebSphere Everyplace Access, a new addition to the WebSphere Everyplace family, provides secure, cost-effective access to an e-business for customers, business partners and mobile employees from anywhere, using most any device. With WebSphere Everyplace Access, customers can extend existing HTML and XML content to wireless and other devices and enable voice interaction with a voice browser, text-to-speech engine and speech recognition engine. In addition, the software enables existing HTML content for voice interaction with the HTML to VoiceXML transcoder. This packaged offering minimizes development costs and time to market for new device support and ensures consistent delivery across a variety of channels.

WebSphere Everyplace Access is an integrated, open standards-based software package that includes WebSphere Voice Server, WebSphere Transcoding Publisher and WebSphere Application Server. Features include:

Websphere Voice Server Version 1.5
The new version of IBM's server software for providing voice-enabled access to information is generally available May 31. New features include support for German, French and UK English.

IBM WebSphere Voice Server 1.5 voice-enables applications and information for mobile e-business through its technologies for accepting voice input and generating synthesized speech output. It is built on VoiceXML, the open industry standard for delivering the new generation of voice applications. With WebSphere Voice Server 1.5, companies and organizations can leverage their investments in Web and call center technologies to deliver voice-enabled applications.

WebSphere Translation Server Offering
Also included in this announcement is IBM's WebSphere Translation Server Offering. IBM has expanded its Websphere Translation Server with packaged regional licenses and services. These additional features enable businesses to overcome language barriers on the Web. Apart from providing installation, configuration and training services, IBM will also analyze customer content and provide subject-specific dictionaries to ensure more accurate translation. Customers, who will receive software licenses for two processors, can choose from Websphere Translation Offering for Europe, which offers bidirectional translation of English to/ from French, Italian, German and Spanish; or Websphere Translation Offering for Asia with unidirectional translation from English to Chinese (both traditional and simplified) as well as Japanese and Korean.

With the IBM Websphere Translation Server, enterprises can create and distribute documents and Web content globally, without the need for special Web pages or separate Web infrastructures. It also enables text chats in multiple languages for both internal and external communications, improving efficiency by helping create truly global communities.

WebSphere Portal Server
WebSphere Portal Server software enables companies to build next-generation portals that offer users a personalized, secure, single point of access for content, applications, processes, and people - - anywhere, anytime and from any device, wired or wireless.

The WebSphere Portal Server is a complete horizontal portal and it exploits the scalability and power of WebSphere Application Server, IBM's core technology for web-based applications; IBM Enterprise Information Portal for information access; Lotus software for collaboration and knowledge management, and WebSphere Everyplace Suite for pervasive device support.

WebSphere User Experience - $261,000 list for a four-server configuration
WebSphere Everyplace Access $49,500 list per server
Websphere Business Integrator - $45,000 per capacity unit for Enterprise Deployment
- $25,000 per capacity unit for entry configuration

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