IBM Enters Network Attached Storage Arena with Industry-Leading Products

Enhanced Tape Products Also Introduced

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Somers, N.Y. - 12 Jun 2001: IBM today announced a comprehensive lineup of industry-leading storage networking products and enhancements, including NAS and tape products, designed to help customers rapidly implement open, interoperable storage networks and better manage the e-business data explosion.

These product introductions mark the delivery of the next phase of IBM's storage networking initiative launched in February 2001, which featured the NAS Gateway and iSCSI product lines. They will help enable customers to transition from islands of information to storage networks where data is linked to provide faster, universal access.

"In today's e-business environment, customers want open storage networking technology and solutions that integrate the workgroup and the enterprise, and help protect the investments they have made in their IT infrastructure," said Linda Sanford, senior vice president & group executive, IBM Storage Systems Group. "With today's announcement, IBM continues to lead the industry in delivering open and interoperable storage solutions that advance the industry while benefiting customers."

Today's NAS highlights include:

"Organizations are looking for immediate relief from the increasingly unmanageable storage demands caused by hyperactive data growth. They are turning to NAS solutions because of their affordable cost, easy administration, flexibility, and file sharing, said David G. Hill, research director, Storage & Storage Management, Aberdeen Group. "With the introduction of the IBM's NAS 200 and 300 solutions, departmental and workgroup level customers will enjoy a sweet spot in price and performance."

New NAS Products Lead Performance Benchmarks and Offer Multiple Customer Benefits
IBM's new NAS offerings complement its portfolio of storage products and are designed to address the needs of customers that want to reduce their dependency on servers for access and management of storage while using the local area network to consolidate and store file data. In addition, the IBM TotalStorage NAS 200 and 300 are equipped with IBM's xSeries Advanced Systems Management processor, a diagnostic tool which identifies problems and potential problems. After detecting the problem, the Advanced Systems Management processor can be set to alert the IT manager on a pager or optionally over the network on the administrator's console.

All IBM NAS products feature an integrated suite of pre-loaded software designed to simplify their installation and management, helping to free scarce IT resources for other tasks. An integral part of the software suite is Persistent Storage Manager, which allows the user to create up to 250 True Images of the system's data, so clients and administrators can quickly recover deleted or corrupted files. Additionally, the NAS 300 allows administrators to use any of the 250 True Images to restore a complete drive or volume in a single step, eliminating the tedium of dragging and dropping thousands of files. This single-step volume restoral provides advantages over some other vendors' solutions, which eliminate all previous images after a volume restoral. IBM's industry leading volume restoration keeps intact all True Images not used in the restoration technology, allowing administrators to change their selection even after a restore is complete.

The NAS 200 tower model (one processor) is targeted for the service provider community and e-mail storage or video file serving, where large amounts of inexpensive storage are required. The 200 tower is also an excellent storage choice for workgroups undergoing server consolidations.

In a rack configuration, the NAS 200 can be used by customers in retail, banking or insurance where branch offices or departments need to store data for file serving or client backups due to server consolidation. Based on NetBench* performance tests, the NAS 200 series rack is 50 percent faster in throughput than the single node Network Appliance 740. The 200 rack also offers greater scalability (1.74 TB vs 1TB) than the Network Appliance product.

With its fault tolerant, dual engine design the TotalStorage NAS 300 can be used to support mission critical applications, such as accounts receivable, payroll or customer support, in large departments and small enterprise settings. Based on NetBench* performance analysis, on a per node basis, the NAS 300 is 48 percent faster in throughput than the dual-node Network Appliance 740. The 300 also offers greater scalability (3.24 TB vs 2TB) than the Network Appliance product.

Furthermore, customers of IBM's storage networking products have a unique way to bridge their LAN to SAN investments with the now enhanced IBM TotalStorage NAS 300G, the industry's first open NAS appliance. The NAS 300G allows Local Area Network (LAN)-based clients and servers to easily interoperate with an existing Storage Area Network (SAN), leveraging the features and performance of a SAN with the ease and convenience of a NAS product. Today, IBM introduced a feature that will allow the clustering of two single-engine NAS 300G's so that customers have a high availability, fault tolerant LAN to SAN bridge. The benefits of clustering are significant because both engines are used for data delivery so performance can double in a dual engine configuration while providing redundant data access with the newly configured clustering -failover feature.

IBM is simplifying the installation of the NAS 200, 300 and 300G into a variety of management system environments. The new NAS products have already been publicly supported by independent software vendor Legato in its separate announcement released today.

For effective storage systems management, the IBM NAS 200, 300 and 300G employ Tivoli Storage Manager, which features centralized storage management capabilities, such as tape sharing, space management, policy-based disaster recovery, and data protection for the most popular groupware applications, including email. With the integration of Tivoli Storage Manager on the TotalStorage NAS product line, IBM brings a powerful solution to the market for the data management needs of its customers.

The new NAS products are also supported by IBM Global Services, which provides comprehensive storage services and 2,500 storage professionals to help customers deal with the rapidly changing technology of today's storage networks.
Industry Leading Tape Storage Enhancements
IBM has also significantly enhanced its industry leading tape storage products, making them ready to interoperate in an open network environment . Here are the highlights:

For mid-size businesses or work group and departments in large enterprises, the enhanced IBM TotalStorage Linear Tape Open 3584 Library can provide more configuration flexibility and increased storage networking capabilities for data consolidation and backup of data.

According to independent benchmark testing currently being conducted at National Data Conversion Institute (NDCI), the IBM LTO Ultrium tape drive has demonstrated performance advantages of more than 30 percent over Super DLT. In the recently published Tape Library Outlook 2001, conducted by Freeman Research, LTO is predicted to erode DLT's stronghold -- in terms of unit shipments and revenue -- by 2006. Today, IBM is making it easier for customers to migrate to LTO by providing support for DLT on the UltraScalable Tape Library.

Fortune 500 and other large enterprises can derive multiple benefits from the new TotalStorage VTS enhancements. Performance can increase from 103 MB/sec up to 120 MB/sec for the standalone VTS, as a result of the increased virtual and physical drive support, and up to 256KB from support for larger blocksizes. The Peer-to-Peer VTS also has additional configuration options to choose from that can improve disaster tolerance, as well as performance. IBM also offers options that help increase capacity by as much as 400 percent as both VTS and PtP VTS support the High Performance 3590 cartridge.

"The AIX High Availability Failover technology in our Magstar 3590E Fibre Channel tape drives allows us to configure multiple redundant paths in the event of a component failure, by utilizing an alternate, pre-configured path, without aborting the current job in progress," said Joe Rafter, senior vice president of production services of Sungard eSourcing, part of SunGard Business Continuity and Internet Services (BCIS), an operating group of SunGard "This feature provides us with improved flexibility in our SAN configuration, availability and management."

INRANGE Product Introduced
IBM also announced today that it has begun reselling and servicing the INRANGE FC/9000-128 Fibre Channel Director, a high availability 128-port switch. IBM also announced a simple upgrade feature for the INRANGE FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director, a 64-port switch which provides an enterprise-class switching infrastructure for both open systems Fibre Channel and IBM FICON storage networks. The new model and upgrade will be particular attractive to IBM's largest zSeries server customers, who are beginning their migration from S/390 ESCON to FICON switching technology.

IBM is the world leader in storage systems, software, services and technology. The recipient of the National Medal of Technology for its contributions to hard disk drive and storage technology, IBM led all companies once again with over 400 storage patents in 2000. IBM's open storage solutions are designed for the rigors of e-business collaboration utilizing next generation concepts for open storage by integrating modular technologies including disk, tape and optical storage media, powerful processors, and rich software. For more information the products and enhancements announced today, visit

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IBM and Magstar are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States. TotalStorage is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and other countries. Tivoli is a trademark of Tivoli Corporation, an IBM subsidiary. Linear Tape-Open, LTO and Ultrium are trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation and Seagate Corporation. Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

*NetBench Company provides portable benchmark programs that measure how well a file server handles file I/O request from 32-bit Windows clients, which feed the server with requests for network file operations.

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