IBM and Intel Support Nishan Systems' Contribution of IP Storage Naming Service Software to Open Source for Enhancing Solutions

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San Jose, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., & Santa Clara, Calif. - 25 Jun 2001: Nishan Systems, in conjunction with IBM and Intel, today announced that software for the IP Storage protocol, Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS), has been released as open source code. The iSNS code developed by Nishan Systems marks an industry milestone in the development of IP Storage solutions.

iSNS is a standards-track draft specification actively under consideration within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP Storage Work Group. IBM and Intel have been working with Nishan Systems to evaluate the iSNS code and believe that it will provide enhanced, integrated IP Storage solutions.

Co-authors of the iSNS standards-track specification include contributors from Cisco Systems, IBM Research, LightSand Communications, Nishan Systems, Nortel Networks, and Pirus Networks.

"IBM welcomes the open source introduction of iSNS that is designed to provide customers a more manageable iSCSI storage network," said John Kuhn, iSCSI Development Manager of IBM's Storage Systems Group. "The rich functionality of iSNS solves a key SAN issue for iSCSI products -namely, the discovery and management of storage devices.IBM recognizes the need for a common discovery and management mechanism for IP Storage. IBM and Intel are the first vendors to work with Nishan's iSNS and applaud this protocol as an excellent functional contribution toward strengthening iSCSI and IP Storage solutions by providing key scalability components. "

iSNS is a comprehensive discovery and management protocol that provides the generic framework and naming service for storage entities in an IP Storage network. iSNS is designed to be a lightweight discovery protocol that can be deployed in iSCSI adapters and target devices, iSNS servers, and IP Storage switches. iSNS, which accommodates all IP Storage protocols, minimizes the manual administration of IP Storage networks by automating facilities for registration, discovery, zoning, and management of IP Storage resources. Open source software will help storage device vendors to quickly develop products, such as adapters, storage devices, and switches, which are compliant with the Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) specification. The iSCSI draft specification is under development by the Internet Engineering Task Force and outlines a next generation storage protocol to transport storage traffic over IP networks.

IBM, Intel, and Nishan Systems are participants within the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) IP Storage Forum. This new group is supporting the deployment of IP Storage specifications, including iSCSI and iSNS. More information on the forum is available at

"iSNS will be an important component of Intel's iSCSI storage network deployment strategy, and Intel looks forward to integrating iSNS discovery support into its line of iSCSI network interface cards," said Ahmad Zamer, chairman of the SNIA iSCSI Group and senior product line marketing manager in Intel's LAN AccessDivision. "Supporting adoption of iSNS discovery enables large scale and wide area storage networks with an almost unlimited number of iSCSI devices, presenting a tremendous opportunity for our customers to solve their escalating storage needs."

Nishan Systems has incorporated iSNS support into its IP Storage switch product line because iSNS support insures compatibility for mixed IP Storage environments and facilitates topology discovery for both IP Storage and legacy Fibre Channel devices. IP Storage Naming Service Protocol, iSNS.

Background on Open Source Code
The iSNS Open Source Code is being released under a public license free of charge for use by any organization to encourage its adoption as a widely deployed storage and management protocol. The availability of open source code will in turn facilitate the deployment of large scale IP Storage networks.

Although definitions of open source vary, the iSNS approach is consistent with that of the SNIA, which has been well received in the industry. The iSNS Open Source Code license allows organizations to use the source code and to make contributions to it, with contributions licensed equally to other contributors for further use and modification. The terms of use allow organizations to incorporate the source code and additional contributions into larger works, without the larger works becoming part of the open source code. The license also requires that all contributions are to be implemented in a manner consistent with the iSNS IETF specification.

The adoption of the iSNS Open Source Code is an indication of the adoption of open technology within the IP Storage industry. The latest draft of the proposed iSNS specification is available at the IETF website:

The iSNS naming service, which functions with all proposed IP Storage protocols, including iSCSI and iFCP, is available for download at:

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