Latest Homepage Builder From IBM Advances Image Effects, Includes Movie Editing Capabilities

All-In-One Package Provides Options For Beginners And Experts

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 12 Jul 2001: IBM* announced today its WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder* V6.0 for Windows, the latest version of its Web authoring and design software which is part of the WebSphere Application Development Family. Version 6.0 has more than 5,000 sample images, animation, logos and sounds, and includes advanced image effects such as slide show and photo album effects and the ability for an image to either mesh (merge into and replace) or rollover (roll out from left to right on top of) the previous image. Homepage Builder now includes WebVideo Studio as well, providing the tools for movie editing.

Homepage Builder provides a complete package for publishing Web pages and includes features unavailable in most competitive offerings, such as user-assistance tools like wizards, templates, a tutorial, artistic tools, support for creation of animation, pixel positioning layout with effects, rollover effect and an accessibility check function that checks a site for considerations for visual/hearing impaired persons.

"Web site designers have yet to conquer the issues of usability, browser support, page weight, navigation, search, personalization, compelling content, and other issues," said Rikki Kirzner, IDC analyst. "Developers are being asked to contend with new, evolving and emerging technologies that include XML, wireless devices, dynamic server pages, 3D rendered images, VRML implementation, real audio, streaming video and other rich content forms, and more. Tools they are using for development need to address these developments."

Homepage Builder brings together everything a Web designer needs to build pages and publish a site, all in one package. In addition to creating both static and dynamic pages, the software includes next-generation "i mode" technology to create content to be viewed by mobile devices. The award-winning Homepage Builder's easy-to-implement user interface has an extensive library of templates for rapid development, and both standard and free layout modes in addition to the HTML and WYSIWYG page creation. The package also includes IBM's rich media tool, Hot Media, which provides capability and support for 3D-rendered images, VRML implementation, real audio, streaming video and other rich content forms, without the use of plug-ins. Hot Media also provides:

*Single file output that requires no special servers or plug-ins, a key requirement for security-conscious customers like those in the finance and pharmaceutical industries. A single authoring environment, so there is no need to learn multiple tools to create different rich media effects. An authoring tool which provides streaming video, audio synchronized with images, multi-track animations, panoramas, and much more.

Other features of Homepage Builder V6.0 include:
*2000 ready-to-use templates that allow even a beginner to build a Web page in minutes by simply selecting a page's components. WebArt Designer to embellish pages with graphic titles, logos, buttons and photo frames with professional-looking touches. AnimatedGif Designer to add lively animation to pages. WebVideo Studio to edit an original movie to be played on the site. Up-to-date technology such as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), Java applet, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. Ability to lay out objects freely with the Free Layout mode. Automatic update of links when a file name is changed or a file is moved. A step-by-step media tutorial to guide users through the process of creating a web site. Detection of unnecessary files on the server. Accessibility check which checks the Web site for consideration of visual/hearing-impaired persons, based on W3C standards.

"The WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder is a well-balanced product designed for anyone who creates Web pages, from families to intranet Web masters, from small businesses to large enterprises," said Scott Hebner, Director of Marketing, WebSphere Software, IBM. "This all-in-one package allows you to create and personalize Web pages in minutes without any HTML knowledge or programming skills. For individuals, it is easy-to-use and intuitive, and for businesses, it is a faster and more cost-effective way to build an e-business."

Homepage Builder received Japanese publication Business Computer News' 2001 award for LAN and Internet software, which is given to the best-selling product in that market space. In addition, Yahoo! Japan said that "Homepage Builder V.6 is a well-balanced product. It has high functions, yet it's easy to use."
WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder Version 6.0 will be available for download on July 16 for $99 at

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