IBM Launches Linux-based Consolidation Solution

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Armonk, N.Y. - 25 Jul 2001: IBM today announced a new Linux-based server consolidation solution targeted to mid-market customers seeking alternatives to the high cost and complexity of server farms.

With the IBM eServer iSeries running Linux, mid-size businesses can take advantage of advanced IBM "partitioning" technology, a powerful resource for server consolidation previously available only to IBM's enterprise customers on its flagship eServer z900 mainframe. Partitioning allows customers to replace dozens of Sun or Compaq servers with multiple "virtual servers" on one physical box.

"IBM understands that our mid-market customers are searching for enterprise class Linux solutions that allow them to reign in the server sprawl that undermines the reliability and affordability of managing key business processes," said Kim Stevenson, vice president, IBM eServer iSeries. "The eServer iSeries delivers unprecedented levels of performance with the ease of management of Linux on the industry's leading integrated server."

A new Merrill Lynch survey of 50 U.S. and 15 European CIOs reports that some 50% of those surveyed see Linux "as a threat" to Solaris and 38% regard Linux as a threat to Windows NT in the next three years.

Customer interest in Linux is being driven by its ability to slash costs through the consolidation of Solaris and NT workloads (particularly Web serving, file and print and messaging) onto Linux servers. Linux promises big savings and operational efficiency and has prompted customers to rediscover the IBM mainframe, the most advanced server platform in the world.

Earlier this year, IBM introduced its latest version of its eServer iSeries, designed specifically to provide integrated, easy to deploy solutions for mid-market customers. The new servers feature the ability to run Linux in partition. Partitioning technology was originally developed by IBM's mainframe engineers to meet the rigorous requirements of financial services companies, telecommunications companies and other enterprise customers who demand superior performance with mean time to failure rates often measured in years.

In a beta of the offering, nearly two dozen IBM customers have consolidated workloads by running Linux on the eServer iSeries in just over a month of availability. Customers are making the move to realize significant savings in energy, floor space and administration costs. They range in size from Insurance Management Solutions Group (IMSG), a national provider of business process and e-commerce outsourcing services, which is running SuSE on iSeries for their WebSphere application server to Sea Island Resorts of Georgia, which is using Linux to run their web site and firewall.

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