IBM Extends Its High-Speed Digital Printing Technology Leadership with the New Infoprint 4100 Family

IBM Sets New Benchmark for Production Print Quality

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BOULDER, Colo. - 31 Jul 2001: IBM* today announced its next generation of high-speed continuous-forms printers. The new IBM Infoprint* 4100 family of printers is the industry's only solution that offers an unmatched combination of 19.5-inch paper width, superb halftone image quality and high speed. Continuing the lineage of the IBM 3800, 3900 and the Infoprint 4000, the Infoprint 4100 incorporates an array of IBM-exclusive, cost-saving and operator-efficiency features to enhance and streamline productivity.

The Infoprint 4100 operates at four times the speed and at up to 20 percent lower cost per page than competitive cut-sheet production printers[1]. "Equaling the print quality of today's best-of-breed cut-sheet production printers, the Infoprint 4100 surpasses them with faster speed and lower costs." said Richard Howarth, business line executive, production output solutions, IBM Printing Systems. "As statements and short-run books become more sophisticated, customers are demanding higher quality printing at faster speeds. By incorporating many innovative technologies into the Infoprint 4100 we are providing our customers with next-generation output solutions so they can take advantage of expanded business opportunities."

Unparalleled Print Quality
The Infoprint 4100 family, which includes both premium and high quality models, marks the first time a continuous-forms printer can produce the high image, graphic and text quality previously available only from cuts-sheet solutions. Black-and-white or color photos, complex images and graphics are all printed in clear, sharp and smoothly shaded halftones, making it possible to distinguish shades of gray, even for similar colors. The Infoprint 4100 both improves the print quality of black-and-white legacy applications and seamlessly outputs color applications in grayscale, always without change to the application.

Faster Speed Through Enhanced Width and Bandwidth
Built on a powerful new wider-web engine, the Infoprint 4100 is the industry's widest print engine platform in its class, offering true 3-up 6x9-inch, 1,400 impressions-per-minute printing with generous buffer to trim. Digital publishers, print-on-demand businesses and short-run book publishers will benefit from the fastest and most cost effective high-quality, true 3-up 6x9-inch digital printing available. Customers can expect up to 33 percent usage charge savings with 3-up printing versus 2-up printing.The Infoprint 4100 provides the highest print speed in its quality class, producing up to 1,400 three-up 6x9-inch, or 762 two-up 8x11½-inch impressions-per-minute.

The Infoprint 4100 introduces IBM's industry-first, high-speed, fiber optic connectivity (FICON*), as well as a Gigabit Ethernet, to continuous forms printing, so that even complex, halftone heavy books or documents can perform at rated print speed.

Smarter Controller Technology
The Infoprint 4100's new Infoprint Advanced Function Common Control Unit* (AFCCU*) utilizes IBM's latest RISC server technology incorporating object caching and multiple parallel processing. Providing the power and intelligence behind the Infoprint 4100's speed and sophisticated functions, the Infoprint AFCCU also delivers:

Productivity for Profit
A number of advancements have been incorporated into the Infoprint 4100 for greater productivity through improved flexibility, ease-of-use and up-time.

Superior Print Solutions for Dual Markets
The Infoprint 4100 family of printers uniquely offers breakthrough speed and quality for today's digital publishing as well as next generation statement printing. Commercial printers can use the Infoprint 4100 to help reduce the costs of printing short run jobs, such as books or technical manuals, with superior halftoned images. Enterprise internal print shops will be able to print a wide variety of documents, from graphic-rich statements to manuals, on one printer.

Availability and Pricing
The IBM Infoprint 4100 offers High Quality and Premium Quality models in both simplex and duplex models. High Quality models (HS1, HD1/HD2) offer excellent quality in text, image and line graphics for applications such as newspapers, text-only books, and statements with text and graphics. Premium Quality models (PS1, PD1/PD2) are designed to print superior halftone images, text and graphics for marketing catalogs and brochures, books with photos and high value statements with halftone images.

All models will be generally available in North America beginning August 31, 2001:

These products can be purchased through IBM sales representatives.