IBM Introduces World's Fastest Midrange Server

New Eight-way IBM eServer Outperforms Twelve-way Sun UltraSparcIII System; Costs 33% Less

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ARMONK N.Y - 10 Sep 2001: IBM today introduced the world's most powerful midrange server, an IBM eServer[1] UNIX [2] system that outperforms a much larger machine from Sun Microsystems while costing a third less[3]. The IBM eServer provides advantages in power, scalability and reliability that demonstrate the superiority of IBM's existing microprocessors over Sun's brand-new UltraSparcIII technology.

The industry's best-performing eight-way server for Web serving and Java applications, the system is well-suited for service providers as well as the data centers of large corporations and other demanding e-business environments.

The rack-mounted IBM eServer pSeries server provides the same advanced technology that has made IBM the leading vendor in the high end of the UNIX market. Powered by 750 MHz RS64 IV processors featuring IBM's copper and silicon-on-insulator technologies, the system is also bolstered with self-managing and self-healing technologies inherited from IBM's larger UNIX and mainframe systems.

"The IBM eServer system offers customers far superior performance at a better price," said Val Rahmani, vice president, marketing operations, IBM Web Servers unit. "We've packed a data center's worth of reliability, performance, and availability into the server and made it an ideal platform for the most demanding applications."

Benchmark Champion
In the important java benchmark, IBM eServer p660 Model 6M1, equipped with eight processors, beat every competing system under 24 processors. The leading benchmark results achieved when the IBM eServer is stacked up against the competition are as follows:

Java performance (SPECjbb2000 benchmark)[4] -- Eight-way IBM p660 6M1 handles 15% more operations/second than Sun's more expensive twelve-way UltraSparcIII-based Sun Fire 6800, and 80 percent more operations/second than an eight-way HP 9000 N4000

Web serving (SPECweb99 benchmark) [5] -- The IBM p660 6M1 is the world's fastest eight-way Web-server, offering 93% of the performance of Sun's twelve-way UltraSparcIII-based Sun Fire 4810

The server's Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD) capabilities -- available for the first time in an IBM UNIX midrange server -- helps customers meet unexpected growth in their businesses. Customers can quickly activate additional processors with a single command in IBM's AIX. A simple "pay as you go" configuration option, IBM Capacity Upgrade on Demand is an alternative to competitors' expensive, complex offerings.

Self-Managing Technologies
IBM includes self-healing and self-managing technologies in the IBM eServer p660 Model 6M1 that are more commonly seen in larger, more complex systems.

The IBM eServer system's built-in service processor is designed to monitor system operation and take preventive or corrective action. Dynamic Processor Deallocation, working with AIX, can automatically reassign tasks from a potentially failing processor so applications continue to run.

The system also features Chipkill(TM) technology derived from IBM's mainframes. Chipkill is designed to virtually eliminate memory-based system failures, one of the most frequent causes of server downtime. Chipkill is estimated to be 100 times more effective than the Error Checking and Correction (ECC) technology implemented by most server vendors. If a memory error does occur, Chipkill is designed to automatically and gracefully take the inoperative memory chip off-line while the server keeps running.

The IBM eServer system's rugged design meets the rigid Network Equipment Building System NEBS Level 3 Standards -- the most stringent level of disaster resistant certification in the telecommunications industry. The server is able to stand up to harsh environments including earthquakes, high temperatures and high humidity, making it an excellent choice for telecommunications central office operations.

The IBM eServer p660 runs IBM's AIX 5L operating system. AIX 5L offers the scalability, performance, reliability and security needed to accommodate demanding e-business workloads. AIX features a strong affinity with Linux allowing pSeries customers to build and run many popular Linux applications on AIX.

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