Voice Recognition Software From IBM Powers Innovative Speech-Enabled Handheld Computer

IBM's Software Lets Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC Users Get Calendar, E-Mail And Other Info By Voice

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SOMERS, NY - 04 Oct 2001: IBM today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation is using IBM's voice recognition software in one of the first commercially available handheld computers to allow users to access and receive information with human speech.

Compaq's new iPAQ Pocket PC H3800 Series, announced today, relies on IBM's Embedded ViaVoice Mobility Suite software to give customers the option of operating many functions through spoken commands and having appointments, tasks, e-mail, phone numbers and addresses, and other information read to them.

For example, with simple, natural commands such as "Go to contact" and "Read John Smith's home phone number", users of Compaq's new Pocket PC H3800 Series can call up address book information. For calendar information, users can simply say "Read my appointments for December 1st" or "Read my next appointment" to have the information read back to them by a synthesized voice. It also works for e-mail messages -- whether a list or just selected ones.

The IBM software gives Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC users a natural alternative to the stylus or keyboard in operating the devices, and the added convenience of being able to listen to rather than read information and messages.

Compaq's selection of IBM software to voice-enable the new iPAQ family is the latest example of how IBM is working with customers, service providers, independent software vendors and others to take advantage of speech as the most natural way to access information from the Internet, mobile phones, car dashboards or handheld devices.

"We've taken the iPAQ Pocket PC even further along the technology curve -- providing our customers with the ultimate blend of performance and ease of use," said Sean Burke, Vice President of iPAQ Products and Connected Devices, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Allowing them to access and manage their information using spoken commands gives them a more convenient and natural option to interact with the iPAQ Pocket PC. Using speech technology puts Compaq ahead of its competitors."

"By giving its customers a speech interface on the iPAQ Pocket PC, Compaq has taken an important step in making technology more transparent to users and thus more accessible," said W.S. Ozzie Osborne, General Manager, IBM Voice Systems. "PDAs are becoming an indispensable tool for today's mobile worker. Speech gives its users additional convenience."

PAQ users will be able to voice-enable their iPAQ Pocket PC H3800 Series by easily installing the Embedded ViaVoice Mobility Suite software which comes included in Compaq's software applications CD for the iPAQ.

Earlier in September, Lotus Software from IBM announced that it will deliver mobile software solutions that enable customers to create and deploy mobile versions of Lotus Domino applications and access them from their Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC via the Lotus Mobile Notes client.

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