IBM Software To Take Advantage Of World's Most Powerful Server

IBM Software on "Regatta" To Provide Superior Performance, Reliability, and Value in UNIX Server Market

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Somers, N.Y - 04 Oct 2001: - IBM announced today its middleware software portfolio will be taking full advantage of the company's new eServer p690, code-named "Regatta," to deliver an e-business infrastructure solution to customers that offers the highest speed connections in the world running on a UNIX system.

IBM Software running on the IBM eServer p690 will offer customers and partners breakthroughs in speed, performance and reliability at up to half the cost.

IBM's industrial strength e-business software running on IBM eServer p690 can be trusted with solving the most complex problems facing diverse business needs from a series of small servers to supercomputers powered by more than 1,000 processors.

IBM middleware software, which links servers and applications with every kind of client device, is a key building block for e-business. The four brands in IBM's middleware software portfolio - - DB2, Websphere, Lotus and Tivoli - - will support IBM eServer p690 "Regatta" in the following ways:

Given the growth of global e-business transactions and the need for computers to communicate faster than ever before - - both within a company and with the outside world - - companies need to do more e-business and do it faster than ever before. IBM's unique advantage as an information technology company is its ability to help businesses put all the sophisticated pieces of world class software and server technology together so they can gain value and a competitive edge.

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The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the following descriptive term ``server'' following it.

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