Compaq, IBM, TuneIn Network Put Movies In The Palm Of Your Hands

IBM Microdrive Offers High Storage Capacity For Viewing Movies On Compaq iPAQ

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SAN JOSE, CA - 08 Oct 2001: Compaq Computer Corporation, IBM and TuneIn Network today announced a new promotion that will give consumers the tools they need to watch movies on-the-go. The promotion combines the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC, IBM's 1 Gigabyte (GB) Microdrive high-capacity removable storage, and six short and full-length feature films from TuneIn Network. The limited-time offer begins today.

The package, being offered by Compaq at, is designed to give consumers a high-quality multimedia experience at their fingertips, fulfilling the Digital Age promise of anytime, anywhere business and entertainment enjoyment. Compaq is making the package available with its iPAQ Pocket PC models H3650 or H3760 and the iPAQ Compact Flash Expansion Pack for $749 and $849, respectively. The new package, valued separately at more than $1,000, allows for all the benefits of a multimedia pocket PC with the high-storage capacity of the IBM Microdrive and easy, enjoyable viewing of feature films and videos.

"The number of data-intensive multimedia applications that consumers can perform on the iPAQ Pocket PC can be increased with high-capacity removable storage such as the IBM Microdrive," said Richard Paxton, manager of marketing, Compaq iPAQ Mobile Solutions, North America. "Together, the iPAQ Pocket PC and Microdrive allow consumers to reach the full potential of mobile multimedia entertainment. And with TuneIn Network's technology, we have visual proof of what this package delivers."

"This promotion with Compaq and TuneIn Network provides an excellent showcase for the versatility and capacity of the IBM Microdrive and Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC," said Michael Kuptz, Microdrive business line manager, IBM Storage Technology Division. "While consumers have manipulated data, pictures and music on the iPAQ Pocket PC and the Microdrive, video is still yet an untapped medium that would broaden the consumer multimedia experience in a convenient, easy-to-use, all-in-one package."

In addition to movies and video, the 1 GB Microdrive can hold up to 1,000 high-quality digital photographs, a full-length two-hour movie, a thousand 200-page novels or nearly 18 hours of high-quality digital audio music.

"We are delighted to be packaging our products with the iPAQ Pocket PC and Microdrive because of the superior viewing experience they offer," said Darrell Griffin, president of TuneIn Network. "This also opens a new distribution channel for filmed movies and videos on the Pocket PC."

TuneIn Network has developed an installer that makes installing films on the iPAQ Pocket PC "goof-proof." The user merely points and clicks to install the desired films. All that is needed to watch films with the iPAQ Pocket PC/Microdrive bundle is Microsoft Media Player 7.1 (R), which is already included in the latest models of the iPAQ Pocket PC and can also be downloaded from the CD-ROM. TuneIn also provides a website service at ( that allows users to select additional film bundles or individual movies, preview it with a streaming technology, and make their purchases online.

The promotional CD-ROM provided by TuneIn Network includes the following:

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