IBM Initiative Addresses Wireless Security

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ARMONK, NY - 08 Oct 2001:

from firewalls, intrusion detection systems, servers and other security checkpoints --giving administrators a broad view of e-business security exposures, attacks and vulnerabilities. Additionally, IBM is delivering secure access management software for secure mobile transactions. The latest version of Tivoli Policy Director is the industry's first software that enables organizations to provide Web single sign-on and authorization to mobile transactions and applications accessed through both Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and i-mode devices. With this out-of-the-box support for wireless, organizations can deliver a consistent security policy and secure end-user experience across both their wired and wireless enterprise applications and portals.

The IBM Embedded Security Subsystem provides hardware-based protection of critical security information, including passwords, encryption keys, and electronic credentials. This helps protect information and PCs from "sniffers," Trojan horses, and other potential invaders. It also helps identify computer users involved in transactions, and helps establish that data transmissions are authentic, confidential, and intact. The subsystem helps protect electronic transmissions generated by applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.IBM ThinkPad notebooks and NetVista desktops feature the unique embedded Security Chip on the system board. The Security Chip is a cryptographic microprocessor that supports functions such as key encryption for privacy and digital signatures for authentication or user identification. The chip provides the most secure endpoint for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption, more so than software-based security, which is easier to hack.

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