Citizen Watch And IBM Research Announce Research Collaboration On Linux Watch Technology

Demonstrating First Prototype, WatchPad

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TOKYO, JAPAN - 11 Oct 2001: Citizen Watch and IBM Research today announced that they have started the research collaboration on Linux Watch technology and jointly developed their first prototype, called "WatchPad" to further explore a new type of personal information access devices for the pervasive computing era.

IBM Research first demonstrated the Linux Watch last year, illustrating the viability of the operating system across all platforms, from large enterprise servers, to medium-sized and small servers, workstations, desktop systems, laptops and the smallest intelligent devices.

Citizen Watch is the first company decided to work with IBM Research to enhance current features and develop new application technologies for the intelligent watch. Citizen Watch will explore possibility of commercializing next generation watches as communication devices in the future. IBM Research will support Citizen Watch with its expertise in hardware and software, including system design, including low power architecture, reliable and flexible IT infrastructure for future pervasive computing and communication applications.

Among the technologies Citizen Watch has developed for the WatchPad are packaging design and component design including display and input device. IBM Research has provided technologies including hardware architecture, system design, and software, including Linux.

Two companies plan to collaborate with key universities by sharing the WatchPad technology for joint research. By working with universities, Citizen and IBM Research hope to accelerate progress in developing next generation intelligent devices.

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