New IBM eServer z900 Now Faster and More Secure

Advanced Self Managing Technology Available for Linux on the Mainframe

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ARMONK, NY - 19 Oct 2001: IBM today announced that it has nearly doubled the mainframe's ability to process the highly secure Internet transactions vital to e-business -- making the eServer z900 the first server to achieve a record 3,850 transactions per second - and introduced new mainframe software enhancements for the world's most advanced self-managing server.

The company also introduced the latest release of z/OS, the flagship operating system for the eServer z900, extending its industry-leading Intelligent Resource Director (IRD) to customers running Linux and z/VM on the mainframe. IRD is designed to automatically reallocate system resources to the work that needs them the most.

New intrusion detection technology now available in z/OS is designed to provide early warning against potential hackers. z/OS Intrusion Detection Services scans incoming data, detects threats early, and provides added protection against "flooding" and "denial of service" attacks. Under its previously announced Project Eliza effort, IBM is delivering self-managing and self-healing technologies across the eServer product line.

IBM today also announced HiperSockets, an advanced server-to-server networking technology, which allows high-speed information transfer among mainframe partitions. HiperSockets improves server response time and availability and reduces the cost and complexity of inter-system communications because it is not dependent on external networks.

"While our competitors are just now offering features invented by IBM decades ago, customers in every industry are turning to the z900 for the performance only it can deliver today," said John Morris, vice president, IBM eServer zSeries. "The combination of these security, networking and self-managing tools put the z900 in a class by itself."

Growing customer interest in the mainframe for its performance, reliability, security, and its ability to consolidate football fields full of Sun and HP servers has been responsible in part for a record four consecutive quarters of double digit growth for the IBM eServer z900.

Security/Backup Protection -- PCI Cryptographic Accelerator Card - provides industry leading SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) performance with up to 3,850 secure transactions per second. -- z900 Cryptographic Co-processor support and SSL capabilities to be extended to Linux. -- Capacity Backup - is designed to allow a capacity backup (disaster recovery) server to be returned to its normal configuration without outage or disruption when it's no longer needed. -- Upgrading memory is becoming quicker and easier on the z900. Capacity Upgrade on Demand for z900 has been enhanced so that concurrent memory upgrades can be installed - without disruption or changing hardware.

Virtualization -- z/VM release 4.2 - extends virtualization capabilities to the new features of the z900, including HiperSockets, OSA Express Token-Ring, Ficon, and TCP/IP. z/VM's virtualization technology provides an ideal platform for consolidating workloads by running Linux on a single mainframe. This new release also includes administrative tools for simplifying the management of virtual Linux images.

Networking / I/O -- Ficon Express - high performance Fibre Channel connection, capable of up to 6 times the bandwidth of a single ESCON channel. -- OSA-Express Token Ring - up to 100 Megabits per second connection for customers increasing token ring backbone capacity.

Interoperability -- z/OS Application Portability - new C++ compiler and Unix file system significantly improve the portability and performance of Unix applications running under z/OS making it even easier for programmers to write applications for the mainframe.

IBM is the world's largest server company, offering a full line of data transaction, web application and appliance servers that embrace industry standards. Powered by breakthroughs such as microprocessors with copper wiring and Silicon-on-Insulator technology, IBM servers have captured industry leading benchmarks that measure transactions, web serving capabilities and performance in software applications. The IBM eServer line is an integral part of customized, flexible and scalable Internet solutions for companies of all sizes. IBM supports Linux on its entire portfolio of e-business servers.

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