Mohegan Sun Gets Into The Storage Game With IBM

Linear Tape Open (LTO) Drives Allow Connecticut Casino And Resort To Speed Backup

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UNCASVILLE, CT - 25 Oct 2001: Mohegan Sun, Connecticut's legendary entertainment and gaming facility, has selected IBM's TotalStorage Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape libraries to support eight terabytes of casino and operational data.

After a $1 billion expansion, Mohegan Sun will evolve even further - providing the ultimate in accommodations, gaming, entertainment, dining and meeting convention services, from the 276,000 square feet of gaming excitement to twenty-nine different dining options to over thirty fine shops and boutiques to major sporting events and performances by today's top stars. The main casino will reside under the Sky Dome - the world's largest, most spectacular planetarium dome, which will bathe the casino in an ever-changing display of sparkling constellations.

Running this impressive complex takes a great amount of information, which translates to precious data that needs to be stored and protected. Mohegan Sun knew that to continue to thrive and expand its operations, they needed to beef up the storage infrastructure. Mohegan Sun turned to tape storage as the safest and most cost effective solution for archiving their data. After considering DLT tape-format solutions from StorageTek, Mohegan Sun chose IBM's LTO because of its ability to speed backup time and use less tape cartridges, reducing their total cost of ownership. LTO's superior data transfer rate is also a big advantage, and its thin tape cartridges mean you can fit more into each library, resulting in greater capacity.

"The ability to store over 200 gigabytes of data on a single tape cartridge was one of the key reasons we chose our LTO drives from IBM," said John Wadsworth, Director of Computer Operations for Mohegan Sun. "When you combine those factors -- reduction in tape cartridges, resulting cost savings, increased speed and performance, backed by the ever-reliable IBM brand-name -- you have a winning combination."

"An important consideration for Mohegan Sun was the ability to support the data storage growth that comes with a growing business," said Bob Maness, IBM Director of Tape Product Marketing. "Not only does LTO's increased cartridge capacity help as Mohegan Sun continues its rapid expansion, but it also provides a solid foundation for a storage networking environment."

IBM also designed a system to help Mohegan Sun copy all of their data to a remote location, to protect them from data loss. Mohegan Sun uses two IBM's TotalStorage 3584 Ultrascalable Tape Libraries each containing seven LTO tape drives, attached to IBM pSeries and iSeries servers. The drives are managed by Tivoli Storage Manager for the pSeries and Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) for the iSeries.

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