IBM Introduces Storage Networking Products and Solutions for Mid-market Businesses

New storage server offers faster connectivity; NAS and iSCSI increase scalability; packaged solutions offer disaster tolerance

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SOMERS, N.Y. - 30 Oct 2001: IBM today announced an array of storage networking products for mid-market customers, including a new storage server that provides 2 GB Fibre Channel connectivity, and enhanced network attached storage (NAS) and internet protocol (IP) storage products designed to provide increased scalability and performance to support enhanced data protection and consolidation.

Storage networking in the mid-market sector is growing rapidly. With this announcement, IBM is building on its leadership in enterprise storage to help mid-market customers network their storage environments. As all customers focus on improving access to, controlling and protecting data, IBM is increasing its investment by more than $100 million to deliver the next phase of its storage networking initiative launched in February 2001.

"Data growth at the mid-market level is rising dramatically and customers are turning to storage networking to help manage, consolidate and share information,'' said Linda Sanford, senior vice president & group executive, IBM Storage Systems Group. "Today's news is about delivering open and interoperable solutions designed to enable universal access to data for customers of all sizes.''

Highlights of today's announcement include:

New, faster storage server:

IBM TotalStorage Fibre Array Storage Technology (FAStT) 700 Storage Server -- a new, highly scalable midrange data storage system for IBM eServer xSeries and other select Intel-based servers. The FAStT700 provides Fibre Channel connectivity that supports data transfer rates of up to two gigabits per second (2 Gbps). The FastT700 also offers advanced functions such as Remote Copy and FlashCopy. FAStT700 is capable of delivering up to 120,000 cached input/output (I/O) operations per second, more than double EMC's comparable CLARiiON 4700 product.

Storage networking upgrades:

IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage (NAS--Models 200 and 300) -- now provide increased storage capacity and performance and expanded Ethernet connectivity to support greater data protection. Similarly, the NAS 300G (Gateway) now offers additional fault tolerant features.

IBM TotalStorage IP Storage 200i -- now provides up to double capacity of older models and faster performance with new 1.13 gigahertz (GHz) Pentium® III processors.

Solutions and Services:

Integrated, packaged solutions that are designed to offer disaster tolerance, storage consolidation and support greater data protection for mid-market and enterprise customers.

An array of services from IBM Global Services to help customers with their storage networking needs plus enhanced support for Tivoli Storage Manager.

Additionally, IBM has added support of various operating systems to its IBM TotalStorage FAStT500 Storage Server, including IBM AIX, Unix and Linux. Finally, the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named Shark) has been upgraded to provide customers the ability to intermix differing disk drive capacities.

Industry-First End-to-End 2Gbps Infrastructure
IBM's new FAStT700 storage server is tailored for the mid-market sector. By enabling businesses to use the latest 2 Gbps Fibre Channel technology, these customers will be able to transfer data faster and more affordably on a storage area network. When combined with IBM's eServer xSeries and IBM Ultrium Scalable Tape Library, the FAStT700 enables IBM to offer customers the industry's first end-to-end 2Gbps server/disk/tape infrastructure solution.

The FAStT700 is capable of supporting up to 16TB of stored data, as well as up to 64 server hosts, helping customers rapidly consolidate massive amounts of data for quicker, more efficient access and management of critical information. The versatile FAStT700 also supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell NetWare and Red Hat Linux environments.

"IBM is aggressively pursuing midrange storage customers looking for end-to-end Fibre Channel connectivity with its FAStT700 offering,'' said John Webster, senior analyst at Illuminata, Inc. "In fact, this announcement is in step with a movement in the industry to drive high-end data center storage attributes like FlashCopy and remote mirroring into the broader and more attractively priced midrange area.''

Storage Networking Technology Leadership
IBM's enhanced NAS product family now feature new processors and more storage capacity. This improves scalability to support increased data protection and consolidation, while helping to lower the cost of storage networks. These products are expected to provide 25-35% Windows performance improvement over previous versions.

The NAS 200 tower model delivers from 109.2 gigabytes (GB) to 440.4 GB of storage and is suitable for workgroups, small departments and remote or branch-office environments. In a rack configuration, the NAS 200 provides from 109.2 GB to 3.52 terabytes (TB) of storage and is targeted at the retail, banking and insurance industries, where regional offices or departments need to store data for file serving or client backups due to server consolidation.

The IBM NAS 300 is tailored for mission-critical applications in large departments and small enterprise settings. With its increased capacity, the NAS 300 can scale from 109.2 GB to 6.61 TB of hard-disk storage to help customers affordably meet both current and future storage needs. Using Fibre Channel hubs and hard disk drives, the IBM NAS 300 is optimized for premium performance, even in its maximum configuration.

For bridging LANs and SANs, the IBM NAS 300G series now connects clients and servers on an IP network to a SAN. New connections to the LAN and SAN are available using a two-port Fibre Channel adapter and a four-port Ethernet adapter, offering additional configuration options. By providing a mirroring method for the operating system, both the NAS 300 and 300G support enhanced data protection. A new graphical user interface for clustering is also now available.

"We have recently deployed IBM's NAS 300G within our storage network,'' said Mark Sunday, chief information officer at Siebel Systems. "We are positive it will deliver advanced functionality and reliability to the network.''

For effective storage systems management, the IBM NAS 200, 300 and 300G employ Tivoli Storage Manager version 4.2, which features centralized storage management capabilities, such as tape sharing, space management, policy-based disaster recovery and data protection. Version 4.2 also offers increased backup performance and journal-based backups, as well as archiving and disaster recovery capabilities. The 300G also employs Tivoli's SANergy technology.

Finally, the IP Storage 200i now also features a 1.13-GHz Pentium III processor with six available internal storage bays. Basic storage capacity of 109.2 GB can be expanded up to 440.4 GB by upgrading to six 73.4 GB hot-swappable hard disk drives. In the rack-configuration, two 1.13 -GHz Pentium III processors can be expanded by adding up to three external additional enclosures, each holding up to fourteen 73.4 GB hot-swappable hard disk drives, yielding a total of 3.52 TB of storage. Tivoli Storage Manager can also be used to provide centralized storage management capabilities for data on the IP 200i.

IBM Storage Systems Group is working with IBM Software Group as well as key independent software vendors to support development and delivery of open and interoperable NAS and IP storage products. These include IBM's DB2 and WebSphere Application Server, plus Lotus Domino, Lawson, Legato, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Media Server and Oracle.

IBM Storage Infrastructure Solutions Offer Protection
IBM also introduced integrated storage solutions for data recovery, disaster tolerance and storage consolidation as well as for storage management. These solutions are designed to provide enterprise and medium-sized customers the opportunity to bring together tailored data backup and recovery, and disaster tolerance options to streamline storage infrastructure and protect their critical business information. Additionally, IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services (BCRS) can help customers develop strategies and implementations that meet their specific business continuity needs.

Enterprise customers have implemented IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server Peer to Peer solutions that are designed to provide real-time data mirroring of critical customer tape data. In the mid-market, customers have implemented IBM TotalStorage solutions such as the IBM Network Storage Manager, or storage management software coupled with IBM tape automation featuring Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tape technology to backup critical data on NT and Unix servers, and then move it to off-site locations for disaster tolerance.

Additionally an array of IBM TotalStorage Infrastructure solutions for the mid-market are being offered through IBM Business Partners. These solutions include:

New Global Services Storage Offerings
IBM Global Services (IGS) announced a new set of storage services to help customers with their storage networking needs. For customers who are managing the distribution of multimedia and rich Internet content, IGS is offering newly specialized consulting, integration, and deployment of content delivery services. In addition, installation services are available for IBM's new TotalStorage NAS products as well as with the planning and implementation of IBM's TotalStorage Virtual Tape Servers (VTS) in a Peer-to-Peer configuration. IBM migration services have been enhanced to assist VTS customers to move data and library managers from source VTS to new target VTS.

IBM Global Services is also offering enhanced software operational support for TSM, including LAN- free backup to shared tape or to disk using a SANergy-shared disk. These new services are designed to allow customers to more efficiently and effectively back up and protect data using TSM. IGS will also implement Tivoli Storage Manager's Data Protection for IBM's Enterprise Storage Server to enable the use of FlashCopy features. Tivoli Storage Manager's data protection products and services are also available for databases and messaging applications.

IBM is a leader in storage systems, software, services and technology. The recipient of the Year 2000 National Medal of Technology for its contributions to hard disk drive and storage technology, IBM led all companies once again with over 400 storage related patents in 2000. IBM's open storage solutions are designed for the rigors of e-business collaboration utilizing next generation concepts for open storage by integrating modular technologies including disk, tape and optical storage media, powerful processors, and rich software. For more information on the products and enhancements announced today, visit

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