IBM Hard Drive Lands Maximum PC Gear-Of-The-Year Award For "Technological Majesty"

PC Storage Technology Packs Punch In Areal Density; Leaves Reviewers Awed

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SAN JOSE, CA - 07 Nov 2001: When hard drive reviewers at Maximum PC Magazine saw the IBM Deskstar 60GXP at work, they were highly impressed. Not because the drive demonstrated superior digital content creation capabilities -- though it did. And not because the 60GXP had exceptionally low acoustics and reduced power -- though it did. Ultimately, it was the drive's high performance and ability to pack more data onto less disk space that caught reviewers' attention and caused them to name IBM's Deskstar 60GXP the Maximum PC Hard Drive of the Year.

"Because it has a high areal density, the IBM Deskstar 60GXP's drive head needs to traverse a smaller expanse of surface area, resulting in less skipping when the head reads and writes data," said Gordon Mah Ung, senior editor of Maximum PC. "The increased areal density and fewer platters translate into faster transfer rates, lower spin-up times and less power consumption -- leading characteristics among hard drives. We were awed by the 60GXP and favored it immediately as our Hard Drive of the Year."

In a time when hard disk drive technology is advancing at a rapid pace, IBM continues to raise the bar in hard disk drive development. With a high areal density -- the number of bits of data that fit onto one square inch of disk space -- the 60GXP is able to meet the increasingly stringent performance demands set by multimedia users in the information age. Additionally, the hard drive features low acoustics, a maximum media data rate of 494 megabits per second (MB/s) and 8.5 milliseconds (ms) average seek time.

The more rotations a disk makes per minute, the faster data is accessed -- a significant attribute hard disk drive users consider when selecting a disk drive. The 60GXP clocks in at 7200 RPM, increasing user productivity by providing higher performance and reduced boot time. Running with the fastest in its class, the 60GXP demonstrates IBM's sustained leadership in the hard disk drive industry.

"IBM is honored to be the recipient of Maximum PC's Hard Drive of the Year award," said Shiv Shivaji, Deskstar business line manager, IBM. "The coveted award provides validation for our technology leadership and reflects IBM's commitment to advancing areal density through our many hard drive technology innovations. It further solidifies our leadership position in the high-performance desktop drive market." IBM continues to demonstrate that leadership status with today's announcement of a new, enhanced generation of its high-end desktop drives. The Deskstar 120GXP -- developed to support advanced desktop and multimedia applications -- boasts a ten percent improvement in performance over the 60GXP and twice the capacity. And the 120GXP packs an even greater punch than its predecessor. The new generation exceeds the 60GXP's areal density, resulting in a higher data transfer rate and reduced boot time, while maintaining the lowest energy consumption among high-performance desktop hard drives.

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