UDDI Project Launches Next Version of UDDI Business Registry

Enhanced Features for Building Public and Private Web Services Registries Now Available

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Orcas Isl , WA - 19 Nov 2001: The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) project today announced the public availability of the UDDI Business Registry v2 beta, continuing on its mission to deliver advanced specifications and real-world implementations to the developer community. Today, Hewlett Packard Company, IBM, Microsoft and SAP launched beta implementations of their UDDI sites that conform to this latest specification.

The UDDI v2 specification expands UDDI functionality to enhance support for deploying public and private Web service registries. In addition to taking advantage of the public UDDI Business Registry sites, enterprises can also deploy private registries to manage internal Web services using the UDDI specification. Access to internal Web service information may also be extended to a private network of business partners.

For example, a manufacturer may share information about a parts inventory Web service with its business partners through a private UDDI registry. Business partners using any tool with UDDI support can easily access this Web service information.

Other new features and improvements include:

"As a core component of the emerging Web services infrastructure, UDDI delivers key features to help facilitate the discovery and integration of companies, products and services," said Tom Glover, UDDI general program manager. "UDDI v2 beta enables developers to explore the possibilities of building Web services registries -- both within and across enterprises."

On June 18, 2001, the UDDI project announced the public availability of the UDDI v2 technical specification, which can be downloaded at www.uddi.org. This second version of the UDDI technical specification is based upon input from many of the 300+ companies participating in the project. The UDDI community is currently working on the UDDI v3 technical specification and is scheduled to deliver the next public draft next year.

UDDI Business Registry v2 beta implementations can be found at:
Hewlett Packard Company: http://uddi.hp.com
IBM: https://www.ibm.com/services/uddi/v2beta/protect/registry.html
Microsoft: https://uddi.rte.microsoft.com/register.aspx
SAP: http://udditest.sap.com

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