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IBM Power Systems -- Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet IBM Power Systems are servers designed for mission-critical applications and emerging Cognitive Era workloads including artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, advanced analytics and high performance computing.  Designed to deliver efficiency whether deployed in a private, public and hybrid cloud, Power Systems benefit from a wide range of open technologies, many stemming from collaboration with fellow OpenPOWER Foundation members.

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News releases
Date Title
05 Dec 2017 IBM Unveils Industry’s Most Advanced Server Designed for Artificial Intelligence
17 Jul 2017 IBM Mainframe Ushers in New Era of Data Protection
14 Nov 2016 IBM and NVIDIA Team Up on World’s Fastest Deep Learning Enterprise Solution
10 Nov 2016 Tencent Cloud Joins IBM and Mellanox to Break Data Sorting World Records
14 Oct 2016 Tech Leaders Unite to Enable New Cloud Datacenter Server Designs for Big Data, Machine Learning, Analytics, and other Emerging Workloads
20 Sep 2016 The Clearing House Taps IBM to Help Digitally Transform the U.S. Payments System
19 Sep 2016 IBM Power Systems and Red Hat Extend Collaboration for Next-Generation Cloud Platforms
19 Sep 2016 IBM Announces Systems for the Hybrid Cloud Era
19 Sep 2016 Hortonworks, IBM Collaborate to Offer Open Source Distribution on Power Systems
08 Sep 2016 IBM Linux Servers Designed to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Advanced Analytics
08 Oct 2015 New IBM Linux Servers Infuse Technology from OpenPOWER Foundation to Run Big Data Workloads at Half the Cost of x86 Based Servers
18 Sep 2015 French Service Provider, Online, Deploys IBM Power Systems for Bare Metal Cloud Environment
10 Jun 2015 New OpenPOWER Cloud Boosts Ecosystem for Innovation and Development
04 May 2015 IBM Unveils Power Systems Solutions to Support SAP HANA
04 Mar 2015 SoftLayer to Offer OpenPOWER Servers to Help Clients Better Manage Workloads in the Cloud
23 Apr 2014 IBM Tackles Big Data Challenges with Open Server Innovation Model
02 Apr 2014 German Manufacturer Turns to IBM to Energize its Infrastructure
24 Feb 2014 IBM to Infuse Power Systems into SoftLayer, Bolstering Big Data in the Cloud
11 Feb 2014 IBM Provides Developers No-Charge Access to Power Systems Servers in the Cloud
30 Jan 2014 Broad Range of IBM Servers Meet New ENERGY STAR Guidelines
09 Oct 2013 IBM Delivers New Systems to Help Clients Take Advantage of Private and Hybrid Clouds
17 Sep 2013 IBM Commits $1 Billion to Fuel Linux and Open Source Innovation on Power Systems
30 Jul 2013 IBM Unveils New PowerLinux System for Analytics and Cloud Computing
11 Jun 2013 IBM Expands Support for Linux on Power Systems Servers
23 May 2013 Leading Vietnamese Bank Reaches New Clients with IBM Smarter Computing
14 May 2013 New IBM Center in Beijing to Speed Linux Applications on Power Systems
27 Mar 2013 Keystone Bank Adopts IBM Smarter Computing Solution to Drive Business Transformation Agenda
05 Feb 2013 IBM Forges New Routes to Market with Power and Storage Systems Tuned for Big Data and Cloud Computing
29 Nov 2012 Ghana's Fidelity Bank Turns to IBM to Power Next Phase of Growth
21 Nov 2012 IBM Helps Indonesia’s Bank Ekonomi Raharja Manage Rapid Growth
05 Nov 2012 IBM Smarter Cities Solution Enables Maryland to Expand Health Insurance Options for Citizens
03 Oct 2012 IBM Boosts Security, Cloud and Analytics Capabilities With New Power Systems, Storage and Mainframe Technologies


  • New IBM Power E880C Provides Flexibility for Cloud Computing New IBM Power E880C Provides Flexibility for Cloud Computing

    Date added: 19 Sep 2016

    "The new IBM Power E870C and E880C systems with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation, enables clients to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing tremendous flexibility during the transition." (Credit: IBM)

  • New IBM Power E870C Accelerates Transformation to the Cloud New IBM Power E870C Accelerates Transformation to the Cloud

    Date added: 19 Sep 2016

    The new IBM Power E870C and E880C systems with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation, enables clients to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing tremendous flexibility during the transition. (Credit: IBM)

  • Under the hood of IBM's new OpenPOWER server with NVLink Under the hood of IBM's new OpenPOWER server with NVLink

    Date added: 08 Sep 2016

    The new IBM Power Systems S822LC for High Performance Computing couples two high-performance silver-colored new IBM POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink processors with four copper-colored NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerators connected using the NVIDIA NVLink high-speed interface. This tight coupling of IBM and NVIDIA technology enables data to flow 5x faster than on an x86-based system. (Credit: IBM)

  • IBM at The Open Innovation Summit IBM and the OpenPOWER Foundation Reveal New Innovations at the Open Innovation Summit

    Date added: 23 Apr 2014

    At the Open Innovation Summit in San Francisco co-hosted by IBM and the OpenPOWER Foundation, Senior Vice President of IBM's Systems and Technology Group Tom Rosamilia (left) and IBM General Manager of Power Systems Doug Balog (right) revealed the company's POWER8 Systems, the first servers created with OpenPOWER technology to help companies manage massive amounts of data at record speed. (Photo credit: Monica Davey/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • IBM Power Systems S812L IBM Power Systems S812L

    Date added: 23 Apr 2014

    With the release of these S Class servers, IBM delivers the first viable, open alternative to PC-era technology and creates a processing platform for new innovation, flexibility, and diverse capability from across the vast computing ecosystem. Shown here is the IBM Power Systems S812L, which runs Linux exclusively. (D. Earl Stence/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • 2 people leaning towards a Power System POWER8 in the Data Center

    Date added: 23 Apr 2014

    IBM Power Engineers Andrew Geissler (left) and Adriana Zobylak (right) work on the new POWER8 stack. The first POWER8-based systems to debut are five Power Systems S-Class servers designed for large, scale-out computing environments. The new line-up features industry-leading server quality and utilization levels, redefining today’s data center economics by helping to reduce floor space, power and cooling costs. (Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • The IBM POWER8 Processor The IBM POWER8 Processor

    Date added: 23 Apr 2014

    Shown above is the new IBM POWER8 processor, which gives POWER8 Systems the ability to harness Big Data. The sliver of silicon measures just one square inch, and is embedded with more than 4 billion microscopic transistors and more than 11 miles of high-speed copper wiring. (Jack Plunkett/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • IBM Business Partner Installs POWER8 IBM Business Partner Installs POWER8

    Date added: 23 Apr 2014

    Doug Hill, Barry Bernu, and Paul Manuel (shown from left to right) of Evolving Solutions, a premier IBM Business Partner, install a new IBM Power Systems server into the company’s data center in Minnesota. With the new Power Systems, Evolving Solutions will help clients manage massive data requirements of Big Data and Analytics from its new open server platform. (Andy C King/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • Vietnamese Bank Works with IBM to Reach the Unbanked Vietnamese Bank Works with IBM to Reach the Unbanked

    Date added: 23 May 2013

    With only 20% of Vietnam's population currently holding bank accounts, IBM Smarter Computing is helping Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank reach Vietnam's unbanked with a new technology infrastructure that supports more online and mobile services. (Credit: SBH)

  • IBM Powering Linux Innovation IBM Powering Linux Innovation

    Date added: 14 May 2013

    The first IBM Power Systems Linux Center will provide clients, business partners, academics, and students with hands-on support to speed up Linux adoption on IBM Power Systems. Launched today in Beijing, the new center will help programmers create new applications for big data, cloud, mobile and social business computing. (Credit: IBM )

  • Using Data to Drive Online Sales Using Data to Drive Online Sales

    Date added: 06 Feb 2013

    Zoran Lemut., CIO of Slovenia's leading pharmaceutical company Kemofarmacijia, increased his company's online sales orders by 30 percent after gaining valuable insight on his customers' buying preferences. According to Lemut, "using cloud technologies and IBM analytics, we are now able to offer online promotions and display ads that accurately reflect when and what our customers need." Lemut is pictured next to the company's IBM Power 720 Express server. IBM announced February 5th a new line-up of Power Express servers with pricing starting at $5947. (CREDIT: IBM)

  • New IBM Power Systems for Small Businesses New IBM Power Systems for Small Businesses

    Date added: 05 Feb 2013

    IBM technician Steve Mallmann performs a quality check on a new IBM Power 740 Express system infused with the latest POWER7+ chip technology. IBM unveiled new Power Systems for SMBs and growth market companies tuned for big data and cloud computing. (Credit: IBM)

  • Enterprise Familylores Enterprise Familylores

    Date added: 05 Feb 2013

    Businesses have consistently chosen Power over competition for more than a decade. Why? Our clients have told us that their applications and databases run best on Power. Power Systems have always focused on the business needs of application choice, enterprise integration, IT efficiency, and data availability and security – enabling your business to achieve outstanding business and compute performance. IBM now extends Power Systems leadership with the introduction of new enterprise Power Systems servers and systems software to help transform the value your IT delivers and improve your customers’ experience. The new Enterprise Power Systems can help you meet the demands of information-centric IT through dynamic efficiency, business analytics and enhanced compliance.

  • Power 710 Express P710 Power 710 Express P710

    Date added: 05 Feb 2013

    The Power 710 Express server is a one socket server supporting four, six or eight core POWER7 processor modules in a dense 2U rack-optimised form factor. Easy to buy, deploy and manage, the Power 710 Express server offers outstanding performance, reliability and energy efficiency as an infrastructure or application server. The Power 710 Express server implements Light Path diagnostics and offers a choice of AIX, IBM i or Linux® operating system while offering innovative workload-optimising and energy management capabilities that can deliver additional performance and performance per watt to improve return on hardware and software investments.

  • Power 720 P720 Power 720 P720

    Date added: 05 Feb 2013

    The Power® 720 Express server is a 1-socket server supporting 4-core, 6-core or 8-core POWER7® processor modules in a flexible rack-optimised or tower form factor. The leading-edge RAS and diagnostic capabilities make it an ideal distributed application, small consolidation server, or a complete integrated business system utilizing the IBM i operating system. The Power 720 Express is designed to deliver outstanding business value to small and midsised businesses while meeting the needs of mission-critical applications. This highly flexible, available and easy-to-manage server can enable you to spend more time running your business utilizing a proven solution from thousands of ISVs that support the AIX®, IBM i and Linux® operating systems.

  • Power 740 Express P740 Power 740 Express P740

    Date added: 05 Feb 2013

    The Power 740 Express server is a one- or two-socket server supporting four, six, eight, 12 or 16 POWER7 cores in a flexible rack-optimised or tower form factor. The Power 740 offers large memory capacity, outstanding performance of the POWER7 processor, industrial-strength virtualisation and workload-optimising capabilities for small-to-midsise database servers and consolidation of virtualised application servers. These capabilities combined with proven solutions from thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that support the AIX, IBM i and Linux® operating systems can enable companies to get the most out of their systems by increasing utilisation and performance while reducing costs

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