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Social Business

Social Business is a smarter approach to the “people-centric” processes of business. Social Business means connecting networks of customers, partners, and employees, using analytics to derive insights from those connections, and using those insights to improve business functions. It's an organization that uses social networking tools fluently to communicate with people inside and outside the company. It's a strategic approach to shaping a business culture, highly dependent upon executive leadership and corporate strategy, including business process design, risk management, leadership development, financial controls and use of business analytics. Becoming a Social Business can help an organization deepen customer relationships, generate new ideas faster, identify expertise and enable a more effective workforce.

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News releases
Date Title
18 Nov 2014 IBM Verse Fuses Cloud, Social, Analytics and Design Innovation to Transform the Way We Work
04 Aug 2014 IBM Delivers Analytics and Workforce Science to Help Clients Improve Organizational Performance
02 Jul 2014 IBM Unveils Cloud and On Premises Social Software to Help Clients Break Down Collaboration Barriers
09 Jun 2014 Zain Kuwait Selects IBM Social Software to Enhance Customer Digital Experience
24 Apr 2014 IBM Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Enterprise Social Software for Fifth Consecutive Year
28 Jan 2014 While Many Companies Try SaaS for Cost Savings, Top Performers Discover Competitive Advantage, According to IBM Study
28 Jan 2014 IBM Builds On Growing Client and Partner Momentum for Social Business in the Cloud
28 Jan 2014 IBM Announces Global Consulting Practice Fusing Strategy, Data and Design
27 Jan 2014 New IBM Kenexa Talent Suite Taps Big Data To Energize Today’s Workforce
27 Jan 2014 Leo Burnett Worldwide Surveys Its Global Workforce Using IBM’s Behavioral Analytics Technology
12 Nov 2013 IBM Launches Talent Assessment to Help Aspiring Data Crunchers and Academia Gauge and Enhance Skills
26 Sep 2013 IBM and Boston Children’s Hospital Team to Improve Care of Critically Ill Children Across the Globe
18 Sep 2013 IBM Extends Cloud and Mobile Reach with New Social Business Offerings That Empower Global Workforces
24 Jul 2013 New IBM Software Helps Companies Reinvent Relationships with Exceptional Digital Experiences
30 May 2013 Made in IBM Labs: IBM Unveils Analytics Services to Help Clients Transform Their Global Workforce
22 Apr 2013 IBM Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Social Software for Fourth Consecutive Year
04 Apr 2013 IBM Expands SmartCloud for Social Business with European Data Center
22 Mar 2013 IBM Delivers the Industry’s Most Advanced Social Experience for the Enterprise
29 Jan 2013 Fluor Connects its Global Workforce and Drives Innovation with IBM Social Business Software
28 Jan 2013 IBM Delivers New Software and Cloud Services to Accelerate Social Business
06 Dec 2012 IBM Expands the Power of Social Business with New Cloud, Mobile Advances
04 Dec 2012 IBM Completes Acquisition of Kenexa
16 Nov 2012 IBM Study: Investments in Social Technologies Climb, While Middle Management Struggles with Uptick
12 Sep 2012 Primerica Turns to IBM for Social Business Transformation and Improved Customer Experience
12 Sep 2012 IBM Redefines Social Business with the Power of Analytics
27 Aug 2012 IBM to Acquire Kenexa To Bolster Social Business Initiatives
13 Jul 2012 New IBM Software Transforms the Digital Experience
18 Jun 2012 IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Software for Third Consecutive Year
17 May 2012 IBM Expands Global Cloud Capabilities with Advanced SmartCloud Services and New Customer Adoption
17 May 2012 IBM Collaborates with Colleagues In Care to Empower Medical Workers in Haiti
17 Jan 2012 Newly Weds Foods Serves Up Culinary Delights With IBM SmartCloud
17 Jan 2012 Schulich School of Business Students Graduate to the IBM SmartCloud
16 Jan 2012 Electrolux Enables a Social, Mobile Workforce with IBM Software
16 Jan 2012 IBM Brings the Power of Analytics to Social Business
11 Jan 2012 IBM Expands Social Business Initiative To Help Organizations Develop Skills and Seize New Market Opportunity
11 Jan 2012 IBM and San Jose State University Collaborate to Advance Social Business Skills
07 Dec 2011 ‘Tis the Season for Enterprise-Class Tablet Apps: New IBM Software Encourages Safe, Secure Social Networking
18 Oct 2011 Law Firm Teams with IBM to Help Veterans Get Benefits Faster while Increasing Revenue by 80 Percent
29 Aug 2011 IBM Accelerates Social Business Adoption with New Mobile Software
16 Aug 2011 Convenience Store Chain Chooses IBM to Collaborate in the Cloud
21 Jun 2011 IBM Accelerates Social Business Initiative with New Software
21 Jun 2011 IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Software for Businesses
12 Apr 2011 IBM Unveils Smarter Commerce Software and Services Offerings
11 Apr 2011 Industry Leaders Worldwide Embrace IBM Clouds to Transform Business Processes
07 Apr 2011 IBM Unveils Smart Cloud Services and Technologies for the Enterprise
24 Mar 2011 IBM Introduces Cloud-Based Social Media Analytics Capabilities for Marketers
27 Jan 2011 IBM Sees Cloud Adoption Soar with New Clients, Partnerships
01 Feb 2011 Canada's Windsor-Essex Region Collaborates With IBM to Improve Quality of Life for Citizens
31 Jan 2011 IBM Brings Social Business to the Cloud, Mobile Devices
31 Jan 2011 IBM Fuels Social Business Adoption With Partner and Academic Skills Initiative
08 Nov 2010 IBM Launches New Software and Social Business Consulting Services
08 Nov 2010 IBM Social Software Improves Employee Collaboration at Bayer
23 Sep 2010 Singapore Airlines Turns to IBM to Empower Its Geographically Distributed Workforce
25 Oct 2010 IBM Unveils New Information Management And Analytics Software To Help Organizations Gain Faster Insight For Smarter Business Outcomes
16 Sep 2010 New IBM Software To Help Companies Improve Web Presence
18 Aug 2010 Australian Bureau of Statistics Adopts IBM Social Software to Boost Employee Collaboration
02 Jul 2010 IBM Named Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Platforms Software
29 Jun 2010 Made in IBM Labs: IBM Launches Berlitz’s Language Services into SPACE with Social Analytics
17 Jun 2010 IBM Collaboration Software to Support the Android Platform
14 Apr 2010 IBM LotusLive Expands with Business Tools and Services from UPS, Skype, and Silanis to Serve Growing Demand for Cloud Computing
19 Mar 2010 IBM Adds 200 Partners to LotusLive Cloud Services
11 Feb 2010 IBM Brings Business-Grade Social Software to iPhone, Macs


  • Embracing SaaS: A Pacesetter Perspective Embracing SaaS: A Pacesetter Perspective

    Date added: 28 Jan 2014

    Pacesetters: The IBM Global SaaS Study highlights the Pacesetter segments - roughly 19% of the survey population - who exhibit the highest level of SaaS adoption and are gaining competitive advantage through their broad efforts (Image, courtesy: IBM)

  • IBM Extends Cloud and Mobile Reach with New Social Business Offerings IBM Extends Cloud and Mobile Reach with New Social Business Offerings

    Date added: 18 Sep 2013

    IBM SmartCloud Connections new features include File Synch and Share which lets employees access the cloud and share files securely and in the way that works best for them, online or offline, on their smartphone or tablet, desktop application or browser. (Credit: IBM)

  • IBM Heat Map IBM Heat Map

    Date added: 24 Jul 2013

    IBM digital experience software combines with IBM customer experience management capabilities so marketing professionals can analyze customer activity on a specific channel, such as a mobile device. With these unique views, marketers can gauge the behavior of customers across all digital channels, identify patterns and then adjust the digital experience based on this insight to improve the quality and appeal of the user's experience. (Credit: IBM)

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