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Smarter Healthcare: An Era of Opportunity

Smarter Healthcare - Small

An IBM Smarter Healthcare Video featuring IBM Research customer University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children details how new health analytics and IBM's stream computing technology help doctors and nurses monitor large volumes of data from premature babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit. Take a moment to check it out, and please, tweet, post and share, its an excellent resource!

News releases
Date Title
26 May 2011 IBM Expands Health Analytics Solution Center to Address Explosive Growth of Medical Information
07 Apr 2011 IBM's MRSA Infection-Fighting Nanotechnology Caps Century of Healthcare Innovation
04 Apr 2011 IBM and The Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Find Breakthrough for MRSA Treatment
11 Mar 2010 Battelle, IBM, Merck Join UPMC’s Effort to Produce Vaccines to Protect Public Health
03 Feb 2010 IBM to Acquire Initiate Systems
25 Jan 2010 Mayo Clinic and IBM Advance Early Detection of Brain Aneurysms
17 Nov 2009 IBM Research Helps Italian Orthopedic Institute Perform Deep Analytics to Treat Rare Skeletal Diseases
03 Nov 2009 IBM Launches Health Analytics Center
06 Oct 2009 IBM Research Aims to Build Nanoscale DNA Sequencer to Help Drive Down Cost of Personalized Genetic Analysis
24 Sep 2009 IBM Helps Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology With Business Transformation
11 Sep 2009 Bangkok Hospital Group and IBM Collaborate on Smarter Healthcare Initiative
09 Sep 2009 IBM Study Reveals Drug Companies Struggle to Improve Supply Chain to Battle Counterfeiting, Safety Concerns and Global Complexity
02 Sep 2009 Implanet Using IBM Software to Protect Patients in the Event of Medical Device Recalls
29 Jul 2009 St. Elizabeth Healthcare Drives Kentucky's Largest Electronic Medical Records Initiative With IBM
02 Apr 2009 Mayo Clinic and IBM Host Medical Language Initiative
02 Apr 2009 NASCO Extends Outsourcing Services Agreement With IBM Through 2016
20 Mar 2009 IBM, MedVirginia and Social Security Administration Unveil First Electronic Health Records Exchange for a U.S. Government Agency
10 Mar 2009 IBM and Danish Hospital Pioneer Smarter Patient Records to Improve Patient Care
26 Feb 2009 IBM Launches Groundbreaking Health Record System For South China's Largest Hospital
26 Feb 2009 Hospitals Turn to IBM to Help Build Millions of Electronic Medical Records for Improved Patient Care
04 Feb 2009 IBM Teams With Google and Continua Health Alliance to Move Data From Remote Personal Medical Devices Into Google Health and Other PHRs
13 Jan 2009 IBM Helps Physicians Mutual Use Insight to Better Serve Insured
13 Jan 2009 IBM Marks More Than 50 Years of Healthcare Technology Leadership
13 Jan 2009 IBM Research Creates Microscope With 100 Million Times Finer Resolution Than Current MRI
18 Dec 2008 New Consortium to Fuel Breakthrough Collaborative Information Technology Growth and Build Next Generation Skills in South Carolina
18 Dec 2008 IBM Helps Highmark Optimize "Green" Data Center
10 Dec 2008 IBM Web Seminar to Weigh Impact of Obama Administration on Future of U.S. Healthcare
04 Dec 2008 IBM and Merge Healthcare Join Forces for Better Development of Advanced Medical Imaging Technology
28 Oct 2003 Intentia Standardizes on IBM's Open Technology Platform to Strengthen Collaborative Enterprise Applications, Broaden Market Reach
25 Nov 2008 IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years
20 Nov 2008 IBM Seeks to Build the Computer of the Future Based on Insights from the Brain
18 Nov 2008 IBM Research Partners With EU Consortium to Help Aging Population Overcome Cognitive Decline and Memory Loss
05 Nov 2008 The Values Menu: IBM Provides Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting for "Fast and Healthy" 4Food Restaurant Chain
31 Oct 2008 Danish Medicines Agency and IBM in DKK 144m Business Transformation Agreement
30 Oct 2008 The Alphabet, Tyrian Purple... and Genes: Genographic Scientists Uncover New Piece of Phoenician Legacy
27 Oct 2008 McKesson Health Solutions and IBM to Deliver Business Intelligence Solutions to Health Plans
22 Oct 2008 IBM Extends Infrastructure Services Relationship With Medicare of Australia for One Year
13 Oct 2008 Bristol-Myers Squibb Furthers Strategic IT Relationship With IBM
02 Oct 2008 Sainte-Justine Hospital Selects IBM for Mobile Solution
23 Sep 2008 Northwest Radiology Network Implements New Enterprise Solution to Dramatically Improve Medical Records Management
19 Sep 2008 Scientists at IBM and Genome Institute of Singapore Make New Stem Cell Discovery
11 Sep 2008 IBM Delivers New Mobility Services for the Healthcare Industry

Contact(s) for the Press kit

Holli Haswell
IBM Media Relations
512-680-0593 (m)