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  • IBM Phase Change Neurons IBM Phase Change Neurons

    Date added: 2016-08-03

    Phase-change neurons. A chip with large arrays of phase-change devices that store the state of artificial neuronal populations in their atomic configuration. In the photograph, individual devices are accessed by means of an array of probes to allow for precise characterization, modeling and interrogation. The tiny squares are contact pads that are used to access the nanometer-scale phase-change cells (not visible). The sharp probes touch the contact pads to change the phase configuration stored in the cells in response to the neuronal input. Each set of probes can access a population of 100 cells. The chip hosts only the phase-change devices that are the "heart" of the neurons. There are thousands to millions of these cells on one chip and we access them (in this particular photograph) by means of the sharp needles (probe card). (Credit: IBM Research)



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