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  • New POWER7+ microprocessor

    New POWER7+ microprocessor

    Date added: 2012-10-03

    Among its many features, the new POWER7+ microprocessor offers an expanded 2.5x L3 cache memory, greater security with faster file encryption for the IBM AIX operating system, and memory compression that results in no increased energy usage over previous generation POWER7 chips. (Credit: IBM)



  • CISO Security Profiles Infographic

    CISO Security Profiles Infographic

    Date added: 2012-05-03

    Influencers are much more likely to have elevated information security to a strategic priority, according to the IBM Center for Applied Insights study, “Finding a strategic voice: Insights from the 2012 IBM Chief Information Security Officer Assessment.”



  • Mobile Operating System Exploits:

    Mobile Operating System Exploits:

    Date added: 2012-03-22

    Figure 43 shows an increase in mobile operating system exploits in 2011 due to an uptick in malicious activity targeting mobile devices. Because of the two-tiered relationship between phone end users, telecommunications companies, and mobile operating system vendors, disclosed mobile vulnerabilities can remain unpatched on phones for an extended period of time, providing a large window of opportunity to attackers.



  • Web Application Vulnerability

    Web Application Vulnerability

    Date added: 2012-03-22

    Figure 51 shows a steady decline in the instances of input control related vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection since X-Force began recording these statistics in 2007. In 2011, the statistics suggest that the likelihood of encountering XSS in a given test continues to decrease but shows signs of leveling out at approximately a 40 percent chance of occurring. Injection vulnerabilities and specifically SQL injection appears to have leveled out at around a 20 percent chance of occurring in a given test.



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