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  • IBM eDRAM IBM Embedded Dynamic Random Access Memory

    Date added: 2011-06-07

    IBM's embedded dynamic random access memory (test chip shown here) will help deliver a thrilling new game experience to Nintendo fans. The new memory technology, a key element of the new Power microprocessor that IBM is building for the Nintendo Wii U console, can triple the amount of memory contained on a single chip, making for extreme game play.



  • IBM zEnterprise and IBM 1401 thumbnail IBM zEnterprise and IBM 1401

    Date added: 2011-02-15

    IBM mainframe computers have provided the technology backbone for businesses requiring secure systems for processing massive amounts of data, which includes transactions from ATMs, medical records and stocks. Pictured below, the IBM 1401 -- introduced 1959 -- was one of the first computers to run completely on transistors, not vacuum tubes. Dave Michlowski, top photo, IBM employee, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., installs a new component into IBM's newest zEnterprise, which has over 50,000 times more processing capability than the IBM 1401. (Feature Photo Service for IBM, Bob Goldberg)



  • Eric Nyberg - Carnegie Mellon thumbnail Carnegie Mellon University Researchers Collaborate With IBM Researchers

    Date added: 2011-02-11

    A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, led by Eric Nyberg, professor, Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, are collaborating with IBM researchers to develop the Question Answering (QA) technology that enables the "Watson" computing system, which will compete against humans on the quiz show, Jeopardy!, airing February 14-16.



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