IBM Fellow Thomas L. Seevers

  • IBM Fellow Thomas L. Seevers IBM Fellow Thomas L. Seevers

    Date added: 21 May 2008

    Thomas L. Seevers Sales and Distribution, Lincoln, Nebraska Dr. Thomas L. Seevers has been a leader in developing and defining the role of the Client IT Architect within IBM. He has contributed to the company’s thought leadership around the development and deployment of IT architecture and systems integration, working directly with some of IBM’s largest clients. He co-authored TeAMethod (Technical Architecture Method), a common approach to engaging clients and designing appropriate solutions. The approach has been used by more than 2,000 practitioners, and has enabled seamless transitions from sales to deployment. It has also been adopted as the basis for the continuing deployment of the Client Values Initiative. Dr. Seevers led the development of the IBM Industry Transformation Toolkit, which is a basis for understanding a client’s needs and identifying the IBM solutions that address those needs.