IBM Fellow Pratap Pattnaik

  • IBM Fellow Pratap Pattnaik IBM Fellow Pratap Pattnaik

    Date added: 21 May 2008

    Pratap Pattnaik Research, Yorktown, New York Dr. Pratap Pattnaik has been appointed an IBM Fellow for his technical leadership in defining and optimizing the stack for IBM’s enterprise server systems. He has been the chief architect and scientist for defining, designing and implementing the key research technologies that have influenced IBM’s server design in the area of commercial systems and high-performance computing. His research has resulted in significantly faster and less expensive systems, and he has pushed the robustness of the UNIX operating system to new levels, yielding significant client value. Dr. Pattnaik’s contributions span across the enterprise stack of systems, software and services, including partitioning, autonomic computing, and reliability, availability, and serviceability technologies. He was the first to recognize the importance of the memory subsystem in a multi-core system.