z10 Made in New York

  • z10 Made in New York z10 Made in New York

    Date added: 26 Feb 2008

    IBM employees (Doug Decker, right, New Paltz N.Y.; and Richard Nelson, Kingston, N.Y.) ready a new IBM z10 mainframe computer for shipment at the company's Poughkeepsie, N.Y., plant. A single z10 offers the computing power of 1,500 PC-style servers, uses 85 percent less electricity and occupies 85% less floor space. The all-new z10 is IBM's first mainframe purposely built to handle the exploding demand for digital transactions enabled by the Internet, a trend that is creating crowded, over-burdened corporate data centers -- computer rooms that process everything from consumer banking transactions to drivers' license forms. (Feature Photo Service/IBM)