08 Feb 2006 -

IBM is ushering in a new era of blade computing with a new platform and accompanying solutions that will enable data to travel up to ten times faster than previously possible. IBM BladeCenter H is the result of an initiative to develop the BladeCenter ecosystem and provide open, integrated, and virtualized products to customers and partners around the world.

The new chassis is a higher performance addition to the BladeCenter family. All the chassis in the BladeCenter family will share the same set of blades and switches, and support legacy and current shipping BladeCenter blades. Future blades that may have unique function built into them will also work in BladeCenter and BladeCenter T. New customers will not only be able to match diverse environmental requirements with BladeCenter and BladeCenter T, but they can also choose to use BladeCenter in higher bandwidth areas where previously they could not.

Customers who will benefit most from IBM BladeCenter H include those who are looking for:

  • The ability to increase bandwidth and throughput within the chassis
  • Prepare architecture for future high speed deployments
  • An interconnect solution based on 4X InfiniBand
  • Greater levels of I/O flexibility or greater number of ports per blade


BladeCenter H offers a host of new features and functionality, making it the ideal platform to run next generation, high-performance business critical applications. Designed to support full-performance 4X InfiniBand fabrics and future applications requiring 10Gb Ethernet or 10Gb Fibre Channel, BladeCenter H is optimized for today’s IT environment and primed for future applications.

  • The new high performance BladeCenter H enables data to travel up to ten times faster than previously processible across corporate data networks.14 blades in a 9U chassis (versus 14 Blades in a 7U chassis)
  • Up to four 4X InfiniBand fabrics
  • 10GB Ethernet or 10Gb Fibre Channel
  • Up to four high speed bridge modules
  • Up to four front loading 2900W power supplies
  • 9.5mm UltraSlim DVD
  • 2 front USB connections
  • No floppy drive in media tray
  • Brand new management controller – the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module


While virtualization is nothing new to the BladeCenter family, BladeCenter H takes it to the next level by enabling server, storage and I/O virtualization across multiple chassis of blades – making it ideal for even the most demanding IT environments.

BladeCenter H offers exceptional management functionality and efficiency for mission-critical environments. Whether a customer is limited by space constraints, cooling capacity or IT personnel, BladeCenter allows you to get the most from limited resources.

On February 8, 2006, IBM announced a host of new management features including:
  • Advanced Management Module – an autonomic management tool that integrates with IBM Director and Tivoli to empower IT managers to install and manage their entire solution from a single point of control.
  • Power Executive – a new power management suite allows customers to evaluate their exact datacenter power requirements, and take advantage of IBM’s industry-leading blade power and cooling technologies to enable peak utilization.
  • Extended Integration with IBM System i5 – IBM is previewing the future integration of IBM BladeCenter and xSeries to System i5 storage via an open, industry-standard iSCSI connection, providing customers an easier and more flexible way to integrate and manage multiple systems.
  • Retail store integration - OS 4690 support allows the IBM Retail Store Systems controller function to be run on BladeCenter H.


IBM will open the specifications of BladeCenter H to the public on February 8, 2006, as they did with the original BladeCenter chassis in 2004. Currently, the BladeCenter Open Specification Program has more than 320 members that have received the design specifications to create new offerings for BladeCenter.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/19198.wss.

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