08 Feb 2006 - Today, IBM is introducing the IBM BladeCenter JS21, the premier 64-bit UNIX blade server that is three times faster than its predecessor, the JS20. Offering double the performance at half the price of comparable HP blade servers, the JS21 represents IBM’s commitment to innovation in blade servers.

The IBM BladeCenter JS21 represents a convergence of leadership with its combined support for IBM’s Power Architecture, AIX 5L and Linux operating systems.  It is the first blade to be optimized for high performance computing (HPC) cluster applications with the BladeCenter H chassis, and features advanced virtualization capabilities perfect for server consolidation and workload migration.

This new dual-core blade delivers innovation and exceptional price-performance answering the on-demand requirements of customers with:
•    High-performance computer clusters and Grid applications;
•    Research in Life and earth sciences such as genomics and bioinformatics;
•    Web serving such as with IBM WebSphere®;
•    Oil and gas production and Seismic processing; and
•    AIX and Linux Server consolidation in vertical markets.

The new high performance BladeCenter JS21, built with the dual-core IBM PowerPC 970MP processor, offers up to three times faster performance than its predecessor, the JS20, and twice the memory capacity with support for up to 16GB of DDR2-based memory in four DIMM slots. In addition to standard support for ECC and IBM Chipkill technology for improved fault protection, the JS21 also offers a choice of 400 MHz or 533 MHz memory for outstanding performance.

As a hallmark of BladeCenter innovation, the JS21 delivers exceptional deployment flexibility through backward compatibility with IBM’s original BladeCenter and BladeCenter T chassis and forward compatibility into the BladeCenter H high-performance chassis.  For simplification in heterogeneous environments, the BladeCenter JS21 can also run concurrently in the same chassis with other IBM blades based on Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors.

The IBM BladeCenter JS21 more than doubles the performance of the Itanium-based HP Integrity BL60p blade server and at only half the price. According to a recent SPECint_rate 2000 performance benchmark announced today, the JS21 surpassed the HP BladeSystem BL60p in overall system speed.  With a typical configuration price of $5,856, the JS21 achieved a peak run time score of 67.9 compared to HP’s $11,247 BL60p for the same configuration, which achieved a peak run time score of only 33.4.

In addition to exceptional price-performance, the JS21 also delivers raw performance for high performance computing applications.  Using Linpack, a popular HPC benchmark, the JS21 recorded the highest 2-core (17.5) and highest 4-core (32.2) results of any RISC-based server.

As a true IBM Power Architecture blade server, the JS21 supports Advanced POWER Virtualization (APV) built into the microprocessor making it more affordable to consolidate multiple independent applications on a single blade. This is the same proven virtualization technology offered on IBM System p5 servers. With IBM Micro-Partitioning technology, each processor core can be subdivided into as many as 10 “virtual servers”.

The JS21 joins IBM’s flagship UNIX family of server systems.  These systems, including IBM’s i5 and p5 systems, have changed the dynamics of the UNIX market – making IBM the fastest growing UNIX vendor in the world for 12 of the last 13 quarters.

The BladeCenter JS21 blade will be available in March at a starting price of $2,499.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/19198.wss

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