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Media contacts

Please use the following IBM media relations contacts for inquiries by the media only. To contact an IBM media relations professional by email, click the link next to the media relations professional's name and complete the form. Journalists on deadline are advised to contact IBM by phone rather than email.



  • Lori Bosio


    Lori Bosio
    Media Relations Director, Cloud

    Phone: 1 (914) 766-1408
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Vineeta

    Analytics, Social Business, Internet of Things

    Vineeta Durani
    Vice President, IBM Analytics and Corporate Media Relations, IBM West Coast Bureau

    Phone: 1 (415) 545-6726
    Time Zone: PST: Pacific Standard


  • Photo of Michael Rowinski


    Michael Rowinski
    Manager, Communications and Influencer Engagement, IBM Security

    Phone: 1 (720) 395-8497
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Photo of Lorie Fiber

    Watson Health

    Lorie Fiber
    IBM Global Corporate Communications Leader

    Phone: 1 (646) 318-0575

  • Lia P. Davis


    Lia P. Davis
    Director of IBM Watson

    Phone: 1 (202) 285-5333
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Photo of Kaveri Camire

    Kaveri Camire
    Director, Communications, IBM Commerce

    Phone: 1 (914) 625-6395
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Photo of David Yaun

    Research & Development

    David Yaun
    VP, Marketing and Communications, IBM Research and Solutions Portfolio

    Phone: 1 (914) 945-1919
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Photo of Liz Stafford

    Global Technology Services

    Liz Stafford
    Director, Workforce Enablement, IBM Global Technology Services

    Phone: 1 (914) 766-4794
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard

  • Karen Davis

    Global Business Services & Industries

    Karen Davis
    Director, External Relations, GBS & Industries

    Phone: 1-212-671-9430
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Photo of Amy Sammons

    Amy Sammons
    Communications Manager, IBM Systems

    Phone: 1 (239) 209-7414
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard

Government and Regulatory Affairs

  • Photo of Adam R. Pratt

    Adam R. Pratt
    External Communications Manager of IBM Government & Regulatory Affairs

    Phone: 1 (202) 551-9625
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard


  • Clint Roswell photo

    North America

    Clint Roswell
    Director, External Communications, North America

    Phone: 914-766-2422
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard

  • Ken Saunders


    Ken Saunders
    Media relations Director, Europe

    Phone: +44-207-021- 8422
    Time Zone: GMT: Greenwich Mean

  • Carola Schaub photo

    Latin America

    Carola Schaub
    Media relations manager, Latin America

    Phone: 57-1-628-1484
    Mobile phone: 57-313-448-0125
    Time Zone: CST: Central Standard

  • Carrie Bendzsa


    Carrie Bendzsa
    Media relations manager, Canada

    Phone: +1-613-356-5917
    Mobile phone: +1-613-796-3880
    Time Zone: EST: Eastern Standard

  • Constance Bordes


    Constance Bordes
    Media relations manager, France

    Phone: +33 1 5875 0871
    Time Zone: CET: Central European

  • Photo of Alessandro Ferrari


    Alessandro Ferrari
    Media relations manager, Italy

    Phone: 39-02.59624690
    Time Zone: CET: Central European

  • Fabiana Dos Santos Galetol photo


    Fabiana Dos Santos Galetol
    Media relations manager, Brazil

    Phone: 55-11-2132-5096
    Mobile phone: 55-11-9642-5064
    Time Zone: BST: Brazil Standard

  • Preeti Gupta, media relations manager, India


    Preeti Gupta
    Media relations manager, India

    Phone: 91-080-41924652
    Mobile phone: 91-99015-68510
    Time Zone: IST: Indian Standard

  • Photo of Lucy Linthwaite

    United Kingdom

    Lucy Linthwaite
    External Communications Manager, United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7021 8911
    Mobile phone: + 44 (0) 7920 823429
    Time Zone: GMT: Greenwich Mean

  • Marie-Ann Maushart photo


    Marie-Ann Maushart
    Media relations manager, Germany

    Phone: 49-7034-15-1852
    Mobile phone: 49-172-732-5662
    Time Zone: CET: Central European

  • Svetlana Stavreva photo

    Central and Eastern Europe

    Svetlana Stavreva
    Media Relations Manager, Smarter Computing, IBM Growth Markets

    Phone: +420 234 343 257
    Mobile phone: +420 733 149 487
    Time Zone: CET: Central European

  • Arlene Wainstein photo

    Middle East & Africa

    Arlene Wainstein
    Media Relations manager, Middle East & Africa

    Phone: +971 4 4501893
    Mobile phone: +971 5 66765997
    Time Zone: CET: Central European