Mukesh V Khare

Vice President of Semiconductor Research, IBM Research

Full biography

Dr. Mukesh V. Khare is a Vice President at IBM Research driving IBM’s world-wide hardware research agenda.  In his current role, he is responsible for developing innovative technologies for IBM’s Enterprise Systems, Cognitive Systems and AI Hardware.

Dr. Khare has led research and development for several generations of semiconductor technologies including introduction of high-k metal gate and FinFET device architecture. Dr. Khare is a recipient of IBM Corporate Award and Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his technical accomplishments and was appointed IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2013. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). Dr. Khare served as the General Chair of the 2018 Symposia on VLSI Technology, has co-authored more than 100 research papers and holds several U.S. and international patents.

Dr. Khare has held a number of engineering and executive positions at IBM since 1998. He received his M.S., M. Phil., and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University.