Dharmendra Modha

IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist, Brain-inspired Computing

Full biography

Dr. Dharmendra S. Modha is an IBM Fellow and IBM Chief Scientist for Brain-inspired Computing. He is a cognitive computing pioneer who envisioned and now leads a highly successful effort to develop brain-inspired computers. The project has received some $58 million in research funding from DARPA (under the SyNAPSE Program), U.S. Department of Defense, and U.S. Department of Energy. The ground-breaking project is multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and multi-national, and has a worldwide scientific impact. The resulting architecture, technology, and ecosystem breaks path with the prevailing von Neumann architecture (circa 1946) and constitutes a foundation for energy-efficient, scalable neuromorphic systems.  

Dr. Modha's work has been featured in many thousands of media articles, including in publications such as The Economist, Science, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, BBC, CNN, PBS, Discover, MIT Technology Review, Associated Press, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Spectrum, Forbes, Fortune, Time, amongst many others.  His work has been featured on covers of Science, Communications of the ACM, and Scientific American

Author of over 60 papers and inventor of over 100 patent disclosures, Dr. Modha has won ACM's Gordon Bell Prize; USENIX/FAST Test of Time Award; Best Paper Awards at ASYNC and IDEMI; First Place, Science/NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Contest; IIT Bombay Distinguished Alumni Award; Runner-up for the 2014 Science Breakthrough of the Year; 2015 R&D 100 Award (Editor's Choice for IT/Electrical); and is a Fellow of IEEE and World Technology Network. In 2013 and 2014, he was named the Best of IBM. On their 40th Anniversary, EE Times named him amongst 10 Electronic Visionaries to Watch. 

Dr. Modha has made significant contributions to IBM Businesses via innovations in caching algorithms for storage controllers, clustering algorithms for services, and coding theory for disk drives. At IBM, he has won the Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper award (three times), an Outstanding Innovation Award, an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, and a Communication Systems Best Paper Award. An IBM Master Inventor, in 2010 he was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. In 2014, he was appointed an IBM Fellow.

Dr. Modha holds a B.Tech. in computer science and engineering from IIT Bombay and a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California, San Diego.