Martin Jetter

Senior Vice President and Chairman, IBM Europe

Full biography

Martin Jetter is Senior Vice President and Chairman for IBM Europe. In this role, he has responsibility for strategy, execution, business results and client satisfaction for IBM's business across Europe as well as the relationship to the European Union.

Previously he held the position of Senior Vice President for Global Technology Services, with worldwide responsibility for Infrastructure Services, which includes Mobility, Resiliency, Systems and Networking service lines, and Technology Support Services.

Martin’s prior roles include General Manager of IBM Japan. In this position, he was responsible for all aspects of IBM's business in the region. He also joined the Board of Directors of IBM Japan in April 2012 and continues to serve as Chairman.

In 2011, Martin was appointed Vice President of Strategy and General Manager of Enterprise Initiatives for IBM Corporation. He was responsible for IBM Corporate Strategies and the creation and execution of enterprise wide business initiatives.

Previously, Martin served in various additional leadership roles, including General Manager of Product Lifecycle Management, General Manager and Managing Director of IBM’s worldwide business with Siemens, General Manager of IBM Business Consulting Services in Central and Eastern Europe, General Manager of Global Business Services in Northeast Europe, and General Manager for IBM Germany. Martin also joined the Board of Directors of IBM Germany and IBM Austria and continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Martin joined IBM in 1986 as application engineer in an Industrial Branch office in Germany. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Stuttgart.

Martin is a member of the Supervisory Board at Deutsche Börse Group, which operates the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Martin and his wife Veronika reside in Madrid, Spain.