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Date Title
27 Dec 2010: City Government and IBM Close Partnership to Make Rio de Janeiro a Smarter City
01 Jun 2010: IBM To Convene Business & Industry Leaders For HRH The Prince of Wales' Start Initiative
19 May 2010: IBM Teams With Hildebrand to Bring Smart Metering to Homes Across Britain
16 Apr 2010: IBM unveils a vision for UK Cities
24 Mar 2010: IBM Opens Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Ireland
19 Mar 2010: IBM leads Energy Technologies Institute study into the impact of electric vehicles on UK power grid
08 Feb 2010: IBM Survey: UK Public open to nuclear but want more information
28 Jan 2010: Global Report: Changing Climate Triggers Risk and Investment Issues for Global Mining Industry
03 Nov 2009: Global Report: Climate Change Exposes the Oil and Gas Industry to Risk
26 Aug 2009: IBM Global Business Services Awarded Sweeping Application Services Contract With BP
24 Aug 2009: Generation Y – Great Britain's Worst Environmental Offender
20 Aug 2009: Changes in climate and water availability adding stress and costs to global electricity sector
27 Apr 2009: Less than 40% of FTSE 350 companies assess risk of climate change
30 Mar 2009: Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and IBM Launch Smart Grid Framework
25 Feb 2009: IBM Joins EDISON Project to Build Smart Grid for Electric Cars
25 Feb 2009: IBM Sheds New Light on the Smart Energy Consumer
23 Feb 2009: The Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon David Miliband, visits IBM Hursley, to see how "IBM is a pioneering company in terms of its innovation".
18 Feb 2009: IBM and IBEC Initiate Broadband Access to 200,000 Rural Americans
13 Feb 2009: Making Your Carbon Footprint "Smarter" and Smaller
04 Feb 2009: IBM to Implement 70 Million Euro Smart Grid System for Malta

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