Energy Saving Trust employs analytics and cloud computing from IBM to help reduce domestic carbon footprints across the UK

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London, U.K. - 26 Jul 2012: Assimil8, a leading UK software and services company and IBM Business Partner, today announced that the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has launched a new ‘Home Analytics’ service which will be the primary tool in its efforts to help energy suppliers, green deal providers and local government reduce domestic CO2 emissions across the UK. Several local authorities and one of the major energy suppliers are already using the service to help deliver their carbon reduction obligations. 

EST provides impartial advice to people, businesses and communities on how to save energy. Over 20 years the trust has amassed a huge amount of information - over 250 million data points relating to 25 million domestic properties at an address level. In any domestic property it can identify elements such as the likely wall type and insulation; boiler type; tenure; m2 footprint of dwellings; roof orientation; distance to gas grid; and additionally, provide householder insight.

Using IBM Business Analytics software, EST is now able to provide Home Analytics service users with a rich array of actionable insight from their data. For instance, one council is using the service to get a comprehensive understanding of its housing stock and model what still needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint. The council can identify hot spots of opportunity for carbon reduction and provide surveyors with an incredible amount of accurate detail of individual properties. This greatly aids the cost effectiveness of the delivery process.

“We are now able to put accurate data at the heart of the planning of delivery, drive immediate and repeatable results with fewer resources, react more swiftly to rising customer demands and gain faster insights from business data,” said Will Rivers, housing data manager at EST. “What used to take several days now only takes a few minutes.”

“With the increased scrutiny on government and private sector costs, having an analytics solution which can mitigate risks associated with identifying and planning energy efficiency initiatives in the optimum catchment areas, is incredibly powerful and critical to ensure cost effective operations,” said Karl Mullins, principal consultant at Assimil8.

By combining IBM Business Analytics with a Geographical Information System (GIS), EST is also able to present its data in an intuitive and dynamic way which is easy to understand and act upon quickly. While EST previously presented its data in reports and tables, it can now do this through a geographical representation. For example, EST is able to use a map format to show all houses within a city that have south-facing roofs suitable for solar panels. It is also able to dynamically drill down to specific wards or even streets to highlight those houses. It can also present different criteria such as those households that would also be eligible for grants.

The Home Analytics service is deployed on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise which enables EST to cut IT management costs and focus on its core mission, while still satisfying its own stringent criteria for energy efficient solutions.

“EST is a great example of the use of cloud. In this case, how cloud computing starts as an incubator zone for ideas and rapidly evolves to create a strategic launch pad for organisations driving step-changes in their business efficiency and agility,” said Doug Clark, IBM UK cloud leader. “EST is building-in smarter intelligence within its business DNA and will be far more engaging and transparent to its customers.”

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