dunnhumby selects IBM marketing software for personalised communications to customers worldwide

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LONDON, U.K. - 28 Nov 2011: dunnhumby, a global leader in building brand value for retailers and brands, has selected IBM (NYSE:IBM) Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Unica software to deliver highly personalised marketing messages to customers across multiple channels including online, mobile and offline.

dunnhumby, whose clients include Tesco, P&G and Mars, among others, currently analyses data from over 350 million people in 25 countries, using this insight to improve the retail and brand experience. The IBM software improves the scalability of dunnhumby’s know-how, allowing the company to reach more people in more markets. IBM Unica Campaign will become the engine that drives campaigns for some of the biggest retail brands in the world.

Using powerful data analytics based on both existing data and latest customer interaction, the software, IBM Unica Campaign, adds an automated personalisation functionality to dunnhumby’s in-house marketing campaign software engine. Client retailers and brands can now create digital one-to-one communications and real-time offers to send to customers, and can create bespoke marketing campaigns, based on relevant data collected from various sources.

The explosion of data and the proliferation of channels for customer interaction are two of the major challenges faced by marketers today, with 79 percent of chief marketing officers worldwide believing the level of complexity will be high or very high over the next five years, but only 48 percent saying they feel prepared to cope with it1. However, marketers must deal with this complexity in order to meet increasing customer expectations.

1.       [IBM ‘From Stretched to Strengthened’ global study of 1,700 CMOs, October 2011, http://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/gbe03419usen/GBE03419USEN.PDF]

The IBM software also allows dunnhumby to support ‘inbound’ marketing channels, such as websites, contact centres and in-store kiosks, for individual customer engagement at these previously difficult to capture points of interaction. The software is fully integrated with dunnhumby’s customer data, and incorporates all aspects of delivering customer-centric marketing, including online data analysis and understanding of customer interaction with these inbound channels, so brands can deliver the right message to each customer, according to their preferences.

“Social media and digital marketing continues to transform the ways in which brands and retailers engage and communicate with their customers,” said Jon Ewing, enterprise architect at dunnhumby. “We chose IBM Unica Campaign for its pedigree as a market-leading solution that will power our standard campaigns, support our complex campaigns and deliver relevance throughout the path to purchase. This will underpin the expansion of our global client footprint and help to deliver value and personalisation to more customers in innovative and impactful ways.”

“Relevance and personalisation are the future of marketing,” said Andrew Jackson-Proes, enterprise marketing management (EMM) leader for UK & Ireland, IBM. “The growing prevalence of online commerce driven by the rise in social media and mobile commerce is creating a seemingly endless pool of data from which to draw information and conclusions about customers. Marketers need to increase a company's ability to interact with their customers in highly tailored ways, creating meaningful dialogue and deeply personal relationships with brands. The powerful analytics and automated management capability of the IBM software combined with dunnhumby’s in-depth data expertise and customer insight will enable the company to create impactful communications campaigns tailored to the individual choices of individual customers.”

 About IBM Unica solutions

As part of IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Group, Unica products are  recognised  as leading marketing software solutions. The company's advanced set of enterprise marketing management and cloud-based marketing solutions empower organisations and individuals to turn their passion for marketing into valuable customer relationships and more profitable, timely, and measurable business outcomes. IBM Unica solutions integrate and streamline all aspects of online and offline marketing. The unique interactive marketing approach Unica solutions provide incorporates customer and web analytics, centralised decisioning, cross-channel execution, and integrated marketing operations. More than 2,500 organisations worldwide depend on IBM’s EMM Group for their marketing management solutions.

About dunnhumby

dunnhumby is the leader in personalising the world’s experience of retailers and brands. Analysing data from over 350 million people in 25 countries, we help companies put customers at the centre of every decision. We use our insight to improve customers’ retail and brand experience to earn their lifetime loyalty.

This strategic approach to putting the customer first in business improves our clients' like-for-like sales and profit margins – or, put simply, grows measurable value.

Employing more than 1,500 people in 30 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, dunnhumby serves a prestigious list of companies including Tesco, Casino, The Kroger Co., Procter & Gamble, Shell, Coca-Cola and Mars. The dunnhumby Group also includes the word-of-mouth marketing experts BzzAgent and price optimisation company KSS Retail.

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