Bedale Church of England Primary School Gives Science a Try with IBM Volunteers

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LONDON, UK - 23 Feb 2010: On 23rd February, Leeds and Newcastle based IBM volunteers will be running a TryScience day at Bedale Church of England Primary School in North Yorkshire.

The team of IBM volunteers are running this fun and interactive session to enable school children to see that science is exciting, and is for everyone. By taking part in different experiments, the children will learn how science is part of our every day lives.

Some of the experiments on offer include:

· Speed, Eggs & Slam – protecting their egg "passenger" from Newton’s First Law

· Spaghetti bridge held together with marshmallows – testing the strength of spaghetti versus linguini and thinking about how shape can affect strength

· Experimenting with oil slicks (made with vegetable oil) and finding a way to clear the oil in the most effective and environmentally friendly way

The day has been organised as part of IBM’s On Demand Community Challenges.

Lisa Biggin, Headteacher of Bedale Church of England School said, "We are delighted to have been offered this opportunity. It is essential that children can apply their learned skills in science, team work and problem solving. This event showcases all aspects brilliantly. A huge thanks to the IBM Team and their commitment to enriching learning for our children".

Claire Mosby from IBM said: "IBM is passionate about science, it is the very basis of our business today. This event is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community at the same time as showing the year 5 and 6 children how fun science can be. IBM is delighted to be able to work with such a great school".

More about IBM’s On Demand Community Challenges

IBM launched the On Demand Community Challenge in 2005 to build on its tradition of supporting and empowering local communities. The initiative focuses on skills-related volunteering, enabling staff to share their knowledge, expertise and business skills with organisations and individuals. IBM’s aim through the programme is to help better equip organisations by sharing its employees’ skills, thus providing long-term, sustainable benefits to recipients.

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