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Airline transforms entire UK check-in with IBM self service system

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LONDON, UK - 05 Feb 2010: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announce that UK airline bmi has launched its new look passenger check-in operations which have been transformed using the IBM self service check-in system. IBM has re-engineered bmi’s kiosk, web and mobile self service check-in systems to make travelling easier and more convenient for the millions of passengers that use the airline annually. 

The new system will service bmi’s major UK and Ireland airports including Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast. The IBM solution has introduced smart new web services across the different check-in channels and a new airport kiosk system to provide a more intelligent and innovative check-in process. The transformation aims to increase customer uptake of the self service system, allowing bmi to achieve continued cost savings, keep airfares competitive and improve customer service levels.

The system is based on IBM’s established multi-channel self service check-in solution, and will give bmi’s passengers a consistent and highly functional self service experience whether checking in via an airport kiosk, over the internet or on their mobile device. The solution allows travellers to check-in with their travel companions, check-in onto onward flights, change seats, change to an earlier flight when available, update frequent flyer details and travel information including APIS (Advance Passenger Information), and print boarding passes.

Peter Federico, bmi Group IT Director, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with a company which has demonstrated its capability in this field over a number of years. IBM’s solution has a well-proven track record, being run by many airlines in Europe and around the world. It gives us a unified check-in platform for self service kiosks, web  and mobile devices.” 

Using a globally integrated team in the UK and Canada to transform the check-in system IBM will also provide a support service for the multi-channel check-in application via a dedicated helpdesk for the three and a half year project. The system will be monitored using IBM's Kiosk Manager administration and monitoring tool, allowing bmi to identify and resolve any technical problems fast. Combining these services and streamlining processes and procedures are key in delivering speed and efficiency on the ground for bmi passengers as well as in the air.

“Customer service is a major priority for airlines today and IBM is dedicated to developing smarter ways to make operations more efficient and cost-effective,” said Stuart Wilson, Associate Partner, Travel & Transport, IBM Global Business Services. “bmi's specially designed self service check-in system combines intelligent technology and convenience into an innovative solution which allows the airline to meet the challenges of today's competitive market place.”

IBM has worked with a large number of airlines and airports around the world for many years, delivering self service check-in solutions.  To date, the IBM Self Service Check-in Solution has been installed in over 60 airlines and airports.
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