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Unimaginable complexity, combined with a lack of resources  has created a situation in corporate IT globally where $2.5 Trillion – 70% of the global IT budget – is spent just making sure the status quo works.  As a result, 1 in 5 projects never see the light of day and there is a backlog in IT of more than 18 months.

For more than 100 years IBM has provided organizations with the advances in technology to help transform their work and meet the needs of clients. That tradition of enterprise IT innovation continues as IBM unveils a new class of expert integrated systems designed to help businesses address the complexity of enterprise IT. These first of their kind systems are the result of $2 billion in R&D and acquisitions over four years, an unprecedented move by IBM to integrate all IT elements, both physical and virtual.

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IBM PureSystems Infographic - IT Headaches

News releases
Date Title
30 Apr 2012 IBM Enables Clients and Business Partners to Quickly Embrace PureSystems
02 Aug 2012 Growth Markets Embracing IBM PureSystems to Help Ease IT Complexity and Skills Shortage
09 Oct 2012 IBM Expands PureSystems Family to Help Clients Tame Big Data
18 Oct 2012 Academica Drives Services Innovation with IBM PureSystems
11 Apr 2012 IBM Sets the Stage for the Next Era of Computing


  • IBM's new PureSystems at a company lab in Research Triangle Park

    IBM's new PureSystems at a company lab in Research Triangle Park

    Date added: 17 Apr 2012

    Rodney Adkins, senior vice president in charge of IBM's Systems and Technology Group, stands beside one of IBM's new PureSystems at a company lab in Research Triangle Park, NC. PureSystems is the result of a $2 billion development effort at IBM to create a new category of business computing that combines server, storage and networking resources along with an array of built-in software patterns and business processes into one highly automated and simple-to-manage machine.

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