IBM étend ses capacités de calcul haute performance au Cloud

SoftLayer ajoute InfiniBand au portefeuille de services Cloud

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Paris, France - 23 juil. 2014:

IBM (NYSE: IBM) annonce que les liens InfiniBand seront disponibles pour les clients qui utilisent des serveurs bare metal de SoftLayer, une société IBM. InfiniBand est un réseau haut débit et faible latence entre les serveurs bare metal dédiés. Idéal pour les activités nécessitant du calcul intensif. Commune aux sociétés qui opèrent dans le domaine de l’énergie et aux applications big data, cette solution rend le calcul haute performance (HPC) encore plus accessible sur le Cloud.

InfiniBand est une architecture de réseau conforme aux normes de l’industrie qui permet des vitesses de transfert élevées – jusqu’à 56Gbps – entre les nœuds de calcul. Ceci correspond au transfert des données de plus de 30 000 disques Blu-ray en une seule journée. L’architecture offre des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, ce qui contribue à une meilleure fiabilité, une plus grande disponibilité et au meilleur fonctionnement d’InfiniBand par rapport aux bus PCI ou autres commutateurs ou solutions I/O propriétaires.

Ces avantages permettent aux clients de SoftLayer d’avoir des latences encore plus faibles entre les serveurs bare metal. Ceci s’applique aux clusters de serveurs privés qui ont jusqu’à des centaines de nœuds de calcul, ce qui est idéal pour des solutions de calcul pour des applications dans les secteurs des sciences de la vie et de la génomique, l'ingénierie assistée par ordinateur, les services financiers, la conception électronique et la simulation de réservoir de pétrole. En réduisant la latence entre les serveurs bare metal dans ces clusters privés, les clients peuvent facilement traiter d’importants volumes de données plus rapidement et plus efficacement.



IBM Expands High Performance Computing Capabilities in the Cloud

SoftLayer adds InfiniBand to cloud services portfolio


Dallas, TX - 23 Jul 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it is making high performance computing (HPC), as part of technical computing,  more accessible through the cloud for clients grappling with big data and other computationally intensive activities.

A new option from SoftLayer, an IBM Company, will provide industry standard InfiniBand networking technology to connect SoftLayer bare metal servers. This will enable very high data throughput speeds between systems, allowing companies to move workloads traditionally associated with HPC, such as oil and exploration and data analytics to the cloud.

“As more and more companies migrate their toughest workloads to the cloud, they’re now demanding that vendors provide high speed networking performance to keep up,” said SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby. “Our InfiniBand support is helping to push the technological envelope while redefining how cloud computing can be used to solve complex business issues.”

InfiniBand is an industry-standard networking architecture that delivers high transfer speeds—up to 56Gbps—between compute nodes. That is the equivalent of transferring data from more than 30,000 Blu-ray discs in a single day. The architecture provides additional features, contributing to InfinBand’s overall superior reliability, availability, and serviceability over legacy PCI bus and other proprietary switch fabrics and I/O solutions.

This new HPC option enables very low latency between bare metal servers and private clusters of servers with up to hundreds of compute nodes, making it ideal for applications such as life sciences and genomics, computer aided engineering, financial services, electronics design and reservoir simulation. By reducing latency between bare metal servers in these private clusters customers can easily manage massive amounts of data faster, more effectively and efficiently.

“Bringing InfiniBand capability to the cloud is driven by the growing need for extremely high levels of speed and performance for scenarios such as HPC and big data", said Philbert Shih, managing director for Structure Research. “This type of offering will help enable engineers and scientists to build, compute, and analyze simulations in real time leveraging hundreds of compute nodes. Being able to share and analyze data at this speed will only accelerate cloud adoption from this use case, while making HPC more accessible across a wide variety of industries.”

The introduction on InfiniBand on SoftLayer will especially benefit customers who are leveraging fully supported, ready-to-run clusters complete with code name IBM Elastic Storage, IBM Platform LSF or Platform Symphony workload management. InfiniBand will be available on SoftLayer through the IBM Platform Computing team, expected in the third quarter of 2014.

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