Fort de son succès à Roland-Garros, IBM PointStream relève le défi de Wimbledon

L’application a permis aux passionnés du tournoi britannique de suivre en temps réel les performances des joueurs et les statistiques des matchs

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Paris - 04 juil. 2011: IBM a annoncé la mise à disposition de son application IBM PointStream pour l’édition 2011 du tournoi de tennis de Wimbledon. IBM PointStream a apporté une expérience inédite du match de tennis. Il s’agit d’une technologie permettant de suivre les statistiques et les analyses détaillées d’un match en temps réel. L’application met en avant des données et statistiques de match afin d’offrir aux fans une idée précise de la manière dont leur joueur favori est en train de jouer, point par point. Les passionnés de tennis on particulièrement bien accueilli cet outil d’analyse à l’occasion du tournoi de Roland-Garros il y’a quelques semaines. PointStream était mis à disposition des internautes sur le site officiel de Roland-Garros qui a, par ailleurs, connu une hausse de fréquentation impressionnante : 37 millions de visites, dont 11,2 millions de visiteurs uniques, soit une augmentation de 21% par rapport à 2010.

LONDON, UK - 22 Jun 2011: IBM’s (IBM:NYSE) new online scoreboard at does more than just tell you the score. Using IBM PointStream and predictive analytics technology, Wimbledon fans are taken further into the dynamics of the match to enjoy the 2011 tournament on a whole new level.

Five years of historical Grand Slam data (almost 40 million competitive points) has been analysed to identify the key aspects of a player’s performance when they played at their best. Fans, coaches, players and commentators can now use this insight combined with real-time match data to understand where players need to focus their game in order to compete more effectively.  

For each match, IBM PointStream also incorporates specific match history data based on previous tournament meetings. Analysing each opponent's historical pattern of play, IBM Pointstream identifies the top three "Keys to the Match" that each player needs to achieve to be at the top of their game. For example, a “key” could be the percentage of first serves won or the number of points won in less than three rallies.

During play, live results and player performance are compared against the suggested keys and results are displayed online in a visual representation of the match which allows users to see, in an instant, the state of play.

At, IBM PointStream will also track other show court statistics, match aces, service speed and point winners to provide online fans with a virtual courtside experience.

This year at Wimbledon, IBM is finding new, innovative ways of using the vast amount of match data to build a richer experience for players and fans - whether they are watching on TV, following matches online or here at the Championships”, said Alan Flack, IBM’s Wimbledon Client and Programme Executive.

This year IBM celebrates it centenary and Wimbledon its 125th anniversary. We are both building on our strong legacies to reflect the evolution of tennis; giving its growing number of fans new ways to engage with the tournament and -- with innovations like IBM PointStream - even greater levels of interaction.

Cutting edge technology

The robust, scalable, virtualised and energy efficient systems that support Wimbledon are provisioned on a cloud infrastructure.

Also for the first time in a Grand Slam tournament, IBM will be piloting Player Movement Tracking on Court 18 at Wimbledon 2011. This will gain accurate measurements of player speed, distance and stamina during a match.

IBM & Wimbledon

IBM is the Official Supplier of Information Technology and IT Consultancy to The All England Lawn Tennis Club which stages The Championships. Since 1990, IBM has worked with the Club to introduce new technologies that help bring the wealth of real-time data captured during The Championships to life.

Around 45 data-entry staff are recruited every year to analyse each shot played across some 600 matches for The Championships fortnight. IBM sends the captured data around the world in an instant, keeping on-site broadcasters, media and tennis fans everywhere up to date with all the latest scores and statistics.  Detailed analytical reports for the players are also available as soon as each match has been completed. is but one example of this long-standing partnership’s success.  This year, the newly-designed official tournament site features increased options for people to personalise their Wimbledon experience.  Visitors can follow the progress of their favourite players, view video highlights of the day’s action and get scores and results delivered in real-time.  It is an increasingly interactive, engaging and personalised online experience that draws fans, players and the media in ever-greater numbers.  Last year attracted over 10 million visitors during the tournament fortnight.


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