IBM lance trois nouveaux programmes de financement à crédit-bail pour les PC

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Paris - 23 févr. 2005: IBM Global Financing annonce trois nouveaux programmes de financement à crédit-bail pour que l’achat de PC soit plus flexible, plus facile et plus abordable pour ses clients. Ces trois programmes sont dédiés aux entreprises qui veulent 1) acheter à crédit-bail avec un remboursement mensuel le plus bas possible, 2) obtenir le plus de flexibilité et de souplesse en fin de bail, 3) réduire le coût de maintenance de leur équipement PC par l’acquisition d’ordinateurs et de services packagés.

Le PC PerformancePlan est la formule la plus intéressante en ce qui concerne les tarifs de crédit-bail d’IBM. Elle est disponible pour tous types de PC, avec des conditions de crédit-bail possible pour une durée de 48 mois.

Le PC PerformancePlan Plus fournit plus de flexibilité et de souplesse aux clients qui souhaitent acquérir ou simplement louer leur parc informatique avec une option de retour. Ce programme est possible avec un crédit-bail dont l’échéance court de 24 à 48 mois.

Le PC Price Per Seat Programme combine l’équipement, la garantie et la maintenance pour les clients disposant d’un parc informatique de plus de 3000 PC IBM en vue de baisser leurs coûts de gestion.

Ces trois programmes de financement sont disponibles dès maintenant en Europe, aux Etats-Unis, au Canada, et dans certains pays d’Asie Pacifique.

IBM Global Financing Launches New PC Leasing Programmes

Addresses Market Demand for Managed Services for PCs

Paris, France, February 15, 2005 – IBM Global Financing today announced three new PC leasing programmes to make PC acquisition more affordable, more flexible and more manageable for clients. The three programmes are designed for businesses who : 1) want to lease with the lowest possible monthly payment, 2) want the most flexibility and predictability with their end of lease options, or 3) those who want to reduce their cost of managing PC equipment by acquiring PCs and services in a package.

As the PC market continues to grow around the world, companies are seeking new options that help them best access PCs they need. The fourth quarter of 2004 marked the seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit growth in worldwide PC shipments. In 2005, analysts are expecting a growth of 10.8% in shipments over the 178 million units in 2004.

IBM is offering the following three new leasing programs to help clients acquire PCs:

The PC PerformancePlan is a Fair Market Value lease which offers the most aggressive lease rates from IBM Global Financing. This plan is available for all types of PCs with lease terms up to 48 months. Benefits include the lowest possible monthly payment, reduced financial risks associated with asset ownership and technology obsolescence, and savings compared to purchasing outright.

The PC PerformancePlan Plus provides the most flexibility and predictability both during and at the end of a lease. At the time of signing, this offering provides the client with pre-stated terms for buyout and continuation to ownership, in addition to a return option. It also includes asset substitution, which allows the client flexibility to return similar machine type/models, rather than the leased equipment, at end of lease, and provides substantial savings compared to outright purchase. The PC PerformancePlan Plus is available on leases with terms from 24 to 48 months.

PC PerformancePlan and PC PerformancePlan Plus are now available in Europe, the US, Canada, and select Asia Pacific countries.

As the PC market continues to grow, another trend is the increasing demand for managed services for PCs. Help desk support, fixes, maintenance and virus protection are an often overlooked, but increasingly substantial, cost in managing PCs and printers. Industry analyst firm Meta Group estimates that maintenance and operations for a company’s end-user environment can account for 80 percent of IT costs. For example, the average desktop PC maintenance costs a business between $2,000 and $5000 per PC, per year, per person. IBM estimates that desktop management services can cut the costs of managing personal technology by up to 30 percent.

To address the increasing cost of managing PC equipment, IBM is also offering the PC Price Per Seat (PPS) Programme, which combines PC equipment, warranty or maintenance coverage, and other services into one simple, monthly invoice per unit of equipment. IBM offers a wide variety of desktop management services such as installation, rollout planning, help desk, virus management, and asset disposal that can be customized to meet client needs. The equipment ownership remains with IBM, minimizing the client’s exposure to disposition concerns. This program also lowers total cost of ownership, reduces initial outlay, and provides more predictable budgeting and enables a strategy for refreshing PCs. Price Per Seat will be available in Europe for clients needing 3,000 or more IBM PCs. It is also available in the US, Canada and parts of Asia-Pacific.

“IBM is breaking ground in PC leasing. We looked at our clients’ critical needs such as keeping monthly costs low, having predictable end of lease terms, and managing PC infrastructure cost and complexity,” said Peter Matthews, general manager, IBM Global Financing, Europe Middle East and Africa. “IBM Global Financing’s leasing offer addresses these concerns while helping clients save money with a smart and simple way to acquire the latest technology.”

"In today's competitive business climate, the cost of managing a fleet of PCs can quickly spiral out of control, creating chaos on the balance sheet and with a company's IT staff" said Dale Moegling, manager of International Desktop, IBM Global Services. "Though prices for PCs, laptops and other personal technology devices have dropped in recent years, the costs of maintaining and operating them have skyrocketed. That's prompting companies to get a better handle on their PC management costs by acquiring PCs and services in a package -- leveraging the greater scale of an IT services provider like IBM which offers these services for many customers worldwide.”

About IBM Global Financing
IBM Global Financing, the world's largest information technology financier, offers businesses of all sizes flexible leasing and financing programs that enable them to acquire hardware, software, and services from IBM and other vendors. IBM Global Financing has a worldwide asset base of nearly US$36 billion and delivers financial services to 125,000 clients in more than 40 countries.

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