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IBM presents a Smarter City Initiative for the city of Gdańsk and a Cloud solution for media company Onet, and runs a social media sentiment analysis at CeBIT

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Ehningen/Hannover - 04 Mär 2013: Poland, CeBIT’s 2013 partner country, has a population of 38 million, making it one of the biggest consumer markets in Europe. IBM has done business in Poland for over 90 years and is investing and increasing its presence continuously in the country. IBM Poland is headquartered in Warsaw. Since the beginning of 2012 it opened new regional sales offices in Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan, and Gdańsk along with a Security Operations Center in Wroclaw. At CeBIT 2013 IBM Poland presents major projects around important global strategic plays for IBM: a Smarter City initiative with the city of Gdańsk, a Public Cloud solution for Onet, and a social media sentiment analysis designed by IBM Poland’s software lab.

Smarter City of Gdańsk

IBM has been working with the City Hall in Gdańsk to provide city leaders with recommendations for successful growth, better delivery of municipal services, more citizen engagement, and improved efficiency. IBM consultants immersed themselves in local issues from social and cultural topics to city infrastructure. The main aim of this Innovation Discovery project was to run collaborative discussions and discover how IBM’s Smarter City initiatives can help the city of Gdańsk to create an intelligent development roadmap with a view to becoming a talent-oriented city, managing the transportation shift from predominantly vehicular traffic to an intermodal transportation system, and deepening the involvement of citizens in Gdańsk and from surrounding cities in social and cultural services.

A Public Cloud for Onet

IBM has constructed a public cloud for Onet.Technologie, a division of the Onet Group, one of the most recognizable media companies in Poland. The Onet Cloud, based on enterprise-class components, will provide services for midrange and large companies that would like to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of their IT processes. The solution will be available for Onet clients in March 2013. The Onet Group owns a number of leading Polish Internet ventures, including Onet, the country’s largest online medium, the dating site, the blogging platform, the locator, the business service, and the video on demand service Services provided by the Onet Grup are visited by nearly 13 million users per month, or 67 percent of Internet users in Poland. Onet.Technologie mainly deals with IT servicing of the Onet Internet portal but also delivers IT services to over a dozen big companies. It has over 16 years’ experience in managing IT infrastructure and runs two data centers in the south and east of Poland.

Social media sentiment analysis of CeBIT visitors’ tweets

On the occasion of CeBIT 2013, IBM Poland Software Lab will run a social media sentiment using IBM PureData System for Analytics to analyze public comments on social media micro-blog platforms, in order to gain new insights into spectator opinions about the trends in technology and the event itself. Analysis will be easy to find at
CeBIT visitors’ opinions on important IT trends such as cloud computing, analytics, social business, mobility, the shareconomy (main topic of CeBIT 2013), Smarter Commerce and Smarter Planet will be analyzed according to different criteria such as positive/negative opinions over time, comments by language and country, how opinions on technologies depend on language/country and the distribution of opinions (positive/negative) in categories such as cost, organization, people, security, travel, accommodation, and the weather. The analysis will also include feedback on the IBM booth at CeBIT and positive/negative tweets about Poland.

IBM in Poland

IBM Poland provides a full range of products and services to build infrastructure for large enterprises, public administration and midrange enterprises. IBM Poland’s headquarters are in Warsaw with branches providing sales and service support in Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław and Poznań. IBM also has a number of key facilities across Poland serving its clients around the world. In September 2012 the company opened its IBM Security Operations Center in Wroclaw. It is the tenth IBM Global Security Operations Center and employs world-class analysts who monitor and react to cybersecurity threats to customers. In addition to threat analysis, the Wroclaw center provides other services, including device management and health monitoring. IBM cooperates with universities and the academic world to create a well-educated and competitive workforce.

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