IBM@CeBIT 2013: Rethink your business

IBM is helping companies to digitise their business models by using smart technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Cloud or Social Business

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Ehningen - 29 Jan 2013: IBM and its partners will be showcasing innovative products and projects, industry-specific solutions and the latest from the IBM research and development centres under the banner 'Rethink your business'. "Successful companies have to constantly review and adapt their business models in order to keep pace with changing market requirements," says Martina Koederitz, Country General Manager of IBM Germany. This transformation is driven by the new chances being offered by technologies such as big data analytics or cloud computing. True to this philosophy, IBM will focus on 'smarter commerce': four case studies at the main presentation area illustrate how IT-supported solutions can facilitate the transformation of business models in procurement, sales, marketing and service towards a customer-centric approach. IBM has around 130 demo peds covering an area of 2,000m². There will also be an opportunity to see customer projects in the area of Big Data Analytcis and Smarter Cities from IBM Poland are another highlight.

"At CeBIT 2013 we are expecting the heads of marketing divisions and of sales and service departments to attend in greater numbers than ever before. These, after all, are the places where decisions about IT solutions are increasingly being made," says Martina Koederitz. IBM will be showcasing solutions that bridge the gap between IT and the other parts of an organisation, and will be complementing these with department- and industry-specific events.

The latest from the IBM research and development centres

IBM Research will be presenting projects in the categories of Smarter commerce, Smarter cities and Big Data Analytics. Thanks to projects like these, supermarket customers, for example, will soon be able to have personalised product information, recommendations and special offers displayed on their smartphone using only an app and the smartphone's camera as they move throughput the store. The app identifies the products by shape or packaging colour.

In the field of intelligent traffic management, researchers from Japan are helping to improve the traffic situation in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi with the minimum of outlay. The analysis of low-resolution images from existing traffic-  and webcams  with the help of innovative new algorithms and traffic simulation software for predicting congestion levels and speed of vehicles resulted in an improvement of traffic flow management.
Together with the ASTRON institute in the Netherlands, IBM is researching new technologies for the Square Kilometre Array, which will be the world's largest radio telescope when it goes into operation in 2024. The telescope will generate around one exabyte of data every day. Researchers are therefore working on exascale system architectures that will be able to process 1,000 times more data than today's fastest computers. Among the technologies being researched are 3D chip stacks, silicon nanophotonics and phase change memory: technologies that will also become important for other industries, such as healthcare.

IBM's Big Data portfolio – new ways of handling data

The highlight of the Big Data presentation area is the project with Vestas Wind Systems, which uses IBM solutions to calculate the optimum location for its wind turbines and to generate the best output. It demonstrates the potential that big data offers in extracting maximum value from available information. Companies need solutions that can process all types of data as quickly as possible, that guarantee quality and consistency, that meet legal requirements and that are simple to operate for non-IT specialists.
IBM is showcasing combinable solutions that cover all these aspects and that run on the IBM Big Data Platform. The new IBM Infosphere Data Explorer, for example, makes it easier to access differently structured data sets and to obtain a visual representation of how they are related. Analytic Warehouse Appliances PureData for Analytics succeeds with its greatly improved performance and short time-to-market. Moreover, smart solutions for data storage, backup and recovery as well as data protection will be shown.

Extracting business intelligence from large volumes of data

The CFO Performance Insight solution from IBM Smarter Analytics collects information from all areas of an organisation for the purposes of planning, reporting and risk management. Demand-oriented and customer-oriented offers can be generated with the help of the Next Best Action solution. The analyses include conventional corporate data as well as customer opinions in social networks or information about interactions with the service department.
The lifecycle governance programme provides means of enhancing both data management and compliance, of reducing risks and of driving down costs for information management and e-discovery. This IBM solution considers the entire information lifecycle: important documents and information are provided and made available for productive use, whereas anything unimportant is being deleted. Extended analysis capabilities for IBM Cognos 10.2 BI: the multidimensional dynamic cubes, powered by in-memory technology, enable large volumes of data to be analysed faster and in greater detail. They enhance existing BI infrastructures and help companies to handle extensive, pre-aggregated data sets from data warehouse structures and to analyse individual sets.

IBM SmartCloud: Rethink IT - Reinvent Business

Under the banner 'Rethink IT – Reinvent Business' IBM is teaming up with its partners to offer cloud computing solutions for enterprises of all sizes and industries. This addresses core IT considerations such as efficiency and cost savings and shows cloud computing as a basis for innovation. Making its premiere at CeBIT is the new SmartCloud Application Service from IBM PaaS (Platform as a Service), which makes it simpler for customers to develop their cloud solution. This joint project by IBM and Philips TV/TP Vision demonstrates how cloud computing can provide the basis for a new business model. IBM cloud services give users access to interactive entertainment services, and the high-performance solution is able to cope with unexpected spikes in demand. Another part of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise presentation is a Render Service, which supplies images for AUDI's online vehicle configurator in real-time.

More and more companies are moving towards social business

According to a survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 62 per cent of all companies are planning to increase their investment in social business over the next three years. IBM will be presenting its latest solutions in this area at CeBIT: IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business is an online platform that connects employees of different companies without the need for a dedicated infrastructure. It is joined by new social analytics solutions that are used to evaluate interactions and improve customer engagement. IBM Notes 9 comes with a fully upgraded user interface and easily accessible social functions such as connections activities, files, status updates, profiles and more. The Smarter Workforce solutions of IBM's most recent acquisition, Kenexa, will be unveiled for the first time at Hannover. Social talent management and learning management are the watchwords here. Last but not least, the social business zone will also feature some real-life customer implementations:
Sennheiser is improving its global collaboration between customer service staff, audio engineers and other experts using a social portal solution, while Hamm Reno is using innovative corporate communications 2.0 to drive shoe sales.

Mobile enterprise: greater dynamism for business

New revenue streams, better services, faster response times: for any enterprise these are drivers of growth but they are also challenges. However, a move towards mobile business does not guarantee success – companies have to have everything in place for it to work: they have to develop mobile strategies, adapt IT infrastructures and address aspects of security. IBM is showcasing products and solutions that facilitate the transformation of a business into a mobile enterprise. Key aspects here include app development – whether mobile, web, native or hybrid – the management of apps and devices, and how the different mobile devices access the ERP/CRM systems. Scenarios illustrating how software tools from IBM Worklight can help to implement a mobile strategy will be presented at the stand. Another pillar in the infrastructure of a mobile enterprise is the desktop cloud. Here, IBM is presenting a one-stop solution for the development and implementation of a private desktop cloud for Windows applications and desktops, encompassing secure integration of BYO (bring your own and the provision of iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps.

Smarter commerce: putting the customer first

The customer is the dominant force in the markets of today. Businesses have to reflect these changes in the entire cycle of interaction with the consumer and in their own enterprise. IBM Smarter Commerce supports companies across the entire value chain. In Hannover the focus will be on market-leading solutions for the key industry trends:

  1. Commerce on Cloud – an e-commerce solution enabling companies of all sizes to introduce or expand their e-commerce channel quickly and at a low cost.
  2. Virtual Showroom – a highly innovative product presentation platform through which the customer is able to see and test out complex products in the most astounding detail.
  3. Efficient Materials Management – a new, standardised and integrated solution enabling manufacturers and suppliers to manage their stock more efficiently. Real-life scenarios, such as a cross-channel solution in the banking sector, illustrate how IBM Smarter Commerce solutions can add value.

Bringing agility to business processes

Software and services in the field of business process management (BPM) offer multiple benefits for companies of all sizes, enabling them to exceed rather than fulfil customers' expectations, and to anticipate rather than react to changes in the markets – and all this at moderate costs. To achieve this flexibility, a company has to understand and manage its business processes – IBM offers the tools and the expertise to do this. Various implementation projects tackling specific challenges in decision and process management will be shown. These cover a range of industries and include the realisation of a claims settlement process in the insurance sector and the implementation of FATCA regulations in banking. The linking of numerous data sources in real time within an increasingly interconnected world is placing entirely new demands on modern process solutions – whether it's linking up sensors and actuators from complex manufacturing operations, getting medical equipment quickly on stream or coping with the information flow from thousands of mobile devices. This calls for new kinds of transmission protocols and high-performance messaging solutions, as supplied by IBM in the form of the MB/MQ product family.

Security solutions for all requirements

Companies are producing more data than ever before. It is being relayed faster and to a much greater extent than in the past. What's more, data theft is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Companies therefore need a faster-responding and more holistic and analysis-driven concept for their data security. This requires the integration of security systems across all business and IT processes as well as a comprehensive overview of the company's security situation. IBM functionality enables security officers to obtain data from core areas of the company in order to target the threats that are most critical to the business. The solutions that will be presented at CeBIT include: Q-radar security intelligence platform, identity management, security and protection of sensitive data with Guardium/Optim, application scanning, X-Force security team and security consulting.

Future-proofing companies' IT infrastructures

On our smart planet the boundaries of IT are becoming increasingly blurred. The number of networked devices and the volume of data that they generate is growing dramatically. This presents CIOs with huge challenges: they have to manage IT in the cloud as a means of improving efficiency, gain reliable business intelligence by harnessing the potential of big data, and safeguard critical information in order to minimise risks and facilitate compliance. IBM is helping customers in these situations to reorganise and future-proof their IT infrastructure. The presentation at CeBIT will include news and solutions from the following areas:

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