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20 Dec 2017: IBM appoints Professor Iven Mareels as new Lab Director of IBM Research-Australia
14 Dec 2017: University of Melbourne joins as founding member of IBM Q Network Hub to Accelerate Quantum Computing
21 Apr 2017: IBM Machine Vision Technology Advances Early Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease Using Deep Learning
21 Feb 2017: IBM Research is training Watson to identify eye retina abnormalities
27 Jun 2016: IBM announces two new partnerships with Melanoma Institute Australia and MoleMap to advance research in melanoma identification
28 Jan 2015: IBM Research Announces Breakthrough in Protecting Personal Data using the Cloud
21 Feb 2014: IBM Research and Thiess Use Data ‘Vital Signs’ to Predict Mining Equipment Health and Drive Business Performance
10 Feb 2014: Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and IBM to Collaborate on Research
14 Mar 2013: University of Melbourne, IBM and NICTA to Collaborate on Disaster Management Platform to Enable Fast Evidence-based Decisions Using Real-time Information
24 Jul 2012: IBM to Power New Generation Radio Telescope and Help Probe the Origins of the Universe
14 Feb 2012: IBM's Blue Gene/Q Boosts Human Health Research in Victoria
28 Nov 2011: IBM Announces 2011 Master the Mainframe Contest Winner in Australia
14 Oct 2011: IBM Opens Research and Development Laboratory in Australia
14 Oct 2010: New IBM Global R&D Lab to Open In Australia
10 Sep 2010: IBM’s World Community Grid to power cleaner water
01 Jul 2010: IBM Global Commuter Pain Study reveals Melbourne drivers have one of the best commutes in the world
08 Jun 2010: IBM Announces Natural Resources Solution Centre for Mining, LNG & Petroleum Industries
28 May 2010: Industry embraces better systems for safe, affordable and sustainable food
24 May 2010: IBM Survey: Tech-Savvy Shoppers Setting The Pace For The Future; Retailers Must Follow Their Lead
19 May 2010: IBM 2010 Global CEO Study: Australian/New Zealand CEOs face serious challenges to bridge ‘complexity gap’

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