Northern Territory Government selects IBM zEnterprise Mainframe to deliver inter-Government service delivery

IBM z114 to support the Government’s environmental footprint strategy

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Sydney, Australia - 12 Jun 2012: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that the Northern Territory Government has selected the IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe server to host a range of governmental business applications.

The Northern Territory Government selected the IBM z114 for its improved flexibility, scalability and its ability to be accessed by many people at one time. This is crucial for managing and delivering services across multiple government departments, whilst also addressing current and future growth requirements.  The z114 air-cooled system will deliver significantly more performance using less space than its IBM z9 Business Class predecessor, offering the Northern Territory Government improved energy efficiency and supporting its environmental footprint strategy.

“We have a longstanding, successful relationship with IBM, which is recognised as a leader in technology innovation,” said Bob Creek, Director of Data Centre Services, Northern Territory Government.   “Due to the multi-access, shared nature of the government’s systems, the IBM z114 upgrade will ensure our mission critical government applications and systems run as efficiently as possible.  The mainframe is fundamental to our business and we believe it will continue to deliver efficiency benefits to government for a long time to come.”

The computing horsepower of the IBM z114 ensures the Northern Territory Government can run its services seamlessly and securely.  The IBM z114 is an especially attractive option for organisations experiencing rapid growth in new services. These organisations are faced with ever-increasing torrents of data, and want smarter computing systems that help them operate efficiently, optimise decisions in real time and reduce risk.

“In this smarter world, governments need flexible infrastructure to propel them forward,” said Rolf Stockburger, System z Business Unit Executive, IBM Australia and New Zealand  “IBM’s relationship with the Northern Territory Government has spanned many decades and during this time we have provided the best infrastructure possible to keep its business running smarter and more efficiently. The IBM z114 offers exceptional hybrid architecture for the Northern Territory Government that allows for increased flexibility, scalability and performance at an attractive price.”

The new IBM z114 will be located at the Northern Territory Government’s data centre in Darwin. The upgrade is part of the State Government’s bi-annual IT refresh program.

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