Zoo and Aquarium Association Uses IBM Technology to Support Endangered Species Programme

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Sydney, Australia - 20 Jun 2011: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced that the Zoo and Aquarium Association is using IBM Cloud collaboration software to help the organisation accelerate its endangered species programme by helping to speed up knowledge transfer and encouraging collaboration on priority projects across 90 zoos and aquariums in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The collaboration solution was donated though the IBM Trailblazer programme which was established in 2010 to provide software, services and consulting grants to respond directly to the needs of local non-profit organisations to improve their effectiveness. Association members, such as keepers and planners, are using the software to help support the longevity of endangered species through breeding programs, which are amongst the largest in the world.

LotusLive Engage, a portfolio of collaboration tools such as Web conferencing, social networking and instant messaging, has helped the Association dramatically improve collaboration as employees can communicate anytime and anywhere in a secure Cloud-based environment. LotusLive Engage’s security approach to protect businesses’ information is based on a security-rich infrastructure, policy enforcement points providing application security as well as human centred security.

Martin Phillips, Executive Director, Zoo and Aquarium Association said, “The LotusLive solution allows us to coordinate programs across regions much more easily and quickly. It also assists us in sharing educational resources and encourages collaboration on priority projects such as the grey nurse shark captive management plan, which is the first of its kind in the world. Knowing that this knowledge-sharing takes place within a stable and secure environment offers peace of mind.”

“As our knowledge and use of the software grows, we anticipate some key future benefits for our keepers who are often on the ground with animals and do not have easy access to a desktop computer. LotusLive has the potential to enable keepers to log into the Cloud from the field via a mobile device and search for a specialist in real-time anywhere across the APAC region.

"Organisations of all sizes are reaping the benefits of social networking and collaboration in the cloud," said Andrew Hocking, Corporate Citizenship & Affairs Manager, IBM Australia and New Zealand. "The Zoo and Aquarium Association is passionate about the survival of many of the world’s endangered species, and we are honoured that our technology will help ZAA achieve its goals.”

The Zoo and Aquarium Association worked with IBM, along with Business Partner, Task Exchange, who assisted in implementation and training.

For more information on ZAA please visit: http://www.zooaquarium.org.au/

For more information on IBM LotusLive please visit: https://www.lotuslive.com/en/

For more information on IBM Trailblazer Grants please visit: http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ibmgives/

For more information on Task Exchange please visit: http://www.taskexchange.net/

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